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Re: Why they moved! Brewer surname

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  • Marge
    yes, it s on Ancestry.com http://trees.ancestry.com/tree/49121/recent Ellis Campbell b 1804 in VA (died 1881 in Missouri). I also have one under world tree
    Message 1 of 17 , Feb 29, 2012
      yes, it's on Ancestry.com


      Ellis Campbell b 1804 in VA (died 1881 in Missouri).

      I also have one under world tree (also ancestry) & it's public. I don't like World Tree, as ancestry decided they could check for possible connections and add them to the tree...so there are a lot more errors on that tree.

      Ellis Campbell b 1804 in VA (on all census'), was buried by a neighbor in Dec 1881 as Elias Campbell. Ellis' land records in MO are under Ellis Camel.

      We have him (we think this is him) in 1830 in Lincoln county, TN census; 1840 in Ripley county, MO census; 1850-80 in Shannon county, MO census...after 1880, he moved to his daughter, Dorcas Campbell Hayward's home in Iron county, MO..where he died.

      His children in 1850 were:

      Wife in 1850 was Elizabeth Young Campbell b abt 1814 in TN or AL

      1850 Shannon county MO census shows:

      Matthew Campbell 17 (b 1832) AL(this & 1840 is only census he is ever shown on)
      James M " 15 (b 1834) AL (this is James Mehlander "Mel" Campbell, my hubby's great grandpa..and on his Civil War papers, he had them correct his last name to Cambell & his place of birth was put as Jackson county, AL)
      Ambrose " 14 (b 1835) AL(this & 1840 is only census he is shown on)
      Derias " 10 (b 1840) MO (this is Dorcas, and a female..the census has her as a male)
      Wesley " 8 b MO (on other census' he is listed as Wiley or Wilie)
      Mary Ann " 6 b MO
      Fontaine " 1 b MO

      Other children born after 1850 were Elizabeth, Malinda, Dicey, Siney & Susie Belle.

      James Mehlander (Millender) Campbell, was called Mel. He would get angry and call himself a "Dirty half breed"...we think Elizabeth Campbell was NOT his mother.
      We find a marriage in Montgomery county AL for an Ellis Campbell to Parmelia Thompson in 1836 (also not Matthew or James mom).
      On the 1830 census, Ellis has a wife his age, and 3 little girls (two under 5, and one under 10). We think this is the correct man..as James Mel said he named his first three little girls for his sisters who died...and those three girls also died. The other daughters of Ellis that we have on the census records all grew to adulthood and married.
      James Mel married 1st to Nancy Ann Welborn (Willburn, etc)..she was the daughter of Arron & Mary Chronister Wellborn. They had 6 children..the 3 girls who died, and 3 sons, Elias, James William, and Ewing. Nancy died Nov 1874, and in 1881, he married Sarah Jane Sutton (b 1859). They had many children, including two Sarah had by unknown father...James' total children was 18. Two of the children were born two years after James Mel died. Times were hard and Sarah Jane did what she had to in order to feed her children. These twin girls were taken from her..as they were starving...one died, the other was adopted and came back years later. Some of the younger children, who were babies when James Mel died..also died of starvation.

      It was the 2nd oldest son, James William (went by Jim...which is why James Mehlander went by Mel)...who moved in 1890 to Arkansas..worked in timber and met Martha Mattie Brewer, the daughter of the sawmill manager/owner. James Mel and Mattie came to MO for a visit in 1896, and had two girls with them, Cora and Pauline. Mattie was with child at that time. They never came back to MO. In 1900 we find James & his family in Ouchita county, ARK. The youngest was Barbara b 1897.

      We lost them after that..until I got an email from a lady named Norva...she was looking for the family of her grandfather, James Wm Campbell. She asked if I had more info, as Ewing was known to be an elder brother of her grandfather. Her grandmother had told the children that James Wm was born in Madison Co,MO & his dad was a Hiram Campbell...which was in error.

      After comparing the 1900 census, and those after, including the names of all the children, etc...we realized we had the right connections.
      I asked Norva about Mattie...and she described her as I imagined her to be...a very proud and dignified lady, brought up with station in life (money)...she married Big Jim, and when she came to MO and realized his family was very poor..never wanted to go back. She probably made up Hiram...but I am looking at men named Hiram Campbell...just to be sure I don't miss a hint. Mattie didn't want her children looking for the family in MO at all..they were "beneath" her. Big Jim became a pastor in Livingston, TX. He had been a Sherrif at one time. He was shot and killed at his front door by a bootlegger. I have (thanks to Norva Lloyd) a copy of the court records...Big Jim died in 1936.
      There were many children:
      Cora A Campbell b 1892 ARK
      Pauline " b 1895 ARK
      Barbara " b 1897 ARK
      Connie Talmadage Campbell b 1900 ARK (male)
      Dorcas " b 1903 ARK
      Ethel " b 1905 ARK
      James III " b 1910 Polk county TX (died abt age 18?)

      Big Jim and Mattie are buried in Forest Hill Cemetery, Livingston, TX

      It's sad that both Big Jim and his brother Ewing died by being shot.
      Ewing in 1926, shot by his son Edgar on the street in Bismarck, MO (self defense & in defense of his mom, Sophia Browers Campbell..Ewing had beaten her badly & Edgar was walking her to the doctor). It's sad that these two lives were cut short.

      As I mentioned before...Big Jim was the older brother of James Harvey (Little Jim) Campbell...my husband, Lonnie Campbell's grandpa.


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      > Roger,
      > You wrote:
      > My Ancestry family files are under ecam82006a. I made the tree public...so
      > you should be able to view it.
      > Thank you for your very interesting and complete reply. It sounds very
      > promising, especially the James M.
      > Campbell.
      > How do I look up this file you mention above. I need some steps.
      > Is it on Ancestry.com or where?
      > Waynette Davis
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