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Re: [jacksongenealogy] Ruhama Green and John Riddle

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  • cagle8185@aol.com
    John, was she the sister of your grandfather or ggggrandfather. The Ruhana Green that married John Riddle had oldest daughter named Mary Riddle and her only
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      John, was she the sister of your grandfather or ggggrandfather. The Ruhana Green that married John Riddle had oldest daughter named Mary Riddle and her only daughter was Eliza and Eliza was raised by John and Ruhama because Mary died when she was only 8 years old. Her father was in the pen, at this time, for killing a man and Eliza lived with John and Ruhama part time and was let out to other families, as a "house girl". She was recorded as "Eliza Riddle" but this was not her given name.

      Eliza married Joe Stovall and their oldest daughter was Rosa Stovall and was my grandmother. I am 70 years old (young) and I know you said you were retired, so the grandfather sounds like you are older or reincarnated (just joking).

      For other info to who ever may read this, My grandmother, Rosa Stovall was the older sister of "Cat Stovall". Folks in Paint Rock Valley new "Cat" as the biggest bootlegger in the area.

      I do not know if "Cat" and his grandfather were ever in the pin at the same time but it was very possible because of their lifestyle.

      Just remember one thing, John, these folks are also your kin to you. Good or bad me must love um all.

      Cuz, Bill

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      The only spelling that I have, "Ruhamia", and for that matter all the
      nformation that I have was copied from Mabry Green's copy of the family tree.
      he was the child of William and Charlotte and the sister of my grandfather,
      harlie Cleveland Green. I have not pursued this family line at all since they
      eft the valley before I was born.
      n Mar 10, 2011, at 7:32 AM, cagle8185@... wrote:
      Clay & John, Is there some record of Ruhama Green/Riddle that would verify the
      pelling. The only way we know who she was comes from the fact she was with John
      iddle or the Green Family.
      I was told, she was part Native American and her picture indicates this.

      Bill Cagle

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      Subject: [jacksongenealogy] Ruhama Green and John Riddle

      Spellings as indexed on the census and other records.

      1870 Township 1 Range 4 Jackson Co. AL
      House/Family 27
      William Green 27 Farmer TN
      Charlott 24 24 Keeping House TN
      Luhama 2 AL
      James 6months b. Jan. AL

      Family/House 37
      Elizabeth Riddle 40 Keeping House AL
      William 11 At School AL
      Nancy J. 9 AL
      John 7 AL

      1880 Dist. 96 (Beat 25 Township 1 Range 4) Jackson Co. AL
      House75/Family 102
      William H. Green 39 Blacksmith AL TN TN
      Charlote E. 36 Keeping House AL AL TN
      Ruhania 11 Dau AL AL TN
      James T. 9 Son AL AL TN

      Dist 96 (Beat 25 Township 1 Range 3) Jackson Co. AL
      Family/House 11
      James M. Riddle 50 Divorced Farmer AL NC TN
      I think this maybe James Eli Riddle Elizath's ex. she is living next door.
      Family/House 12
      Elizabeth Riddle 50 WD or Div. AL TN TN
      William 20 Son Farmer AL AL AL
      Nancy J. 19 Dau House Keeping AL AL AL
      John 17 Son Farmer AL AL AL

      I think this is William Green on the 1860

      1860 Div. 4 (Paint Rock PO)Jackson County AL
      Isaac Green 47 Farmer AL
      Mary 34 AL
      Wm 30 Farmer AL
      Jas 18 Farmer AL
      Stephen 15 Farmer AL
      Newton 12 AL
      Nancy 9 AL
      Burton 7 AL
      Mary 2 AL

      1860 Div. 4 (Paint Rock PO) Jackson Co. AL
      House/Family 206
      Eli Riddle 27 Farming AL
      Elizabeth 20 AL
      William 10months AL

      His Mother Catherine Riddle is living in House 211 with 6 children

      Eli was the son of James and Catherine Riddle listed on the 1850 Census.

      On the 1870 Isaac Green 58 and wife Mary 48 b. TN with 6 children are living
      n Household 25 Beat 25 TS1 R4.

      John Riddle b. 18 Oct 1862 Jackson Co. AL
      d. 26 Jun 1933 Leesburg, Lake Co. FL buried 28 Jun 1933 Leesburg FL
      Wife: Ruhanna Riddle
      Father: Eli Riddle
      Mother: Elizabeth Howard

      Ruhama Riddle d. 1952 Lake Co. FL.

      1910 Dist. 0098 Sand Spring, Limestone Co. AL
      John Riddle Head 49 mar.once 24yrs AL AL AL Farmer
      Paul Wife Mar.once 24 yrs 4children/3living AL AL AL (Ruth)
      William Son 18 AL AL AL
      Lilly Dau 17 AL AL AL

      They are index on the 1920 Leesburg Lake Co. FL as John and Ruth H. Riddle.

      1935 FL State Census
      Ruthana Riddle Age 66 b. 1869 AL

      1945 FL State Census
      Lillie Riddle b. 1892 AL


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