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Re: [jacksongenealogy] Where Is/Was Milan, Jackson Co AL?

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    Thanks, Misty. Actually, as far as I know my family wasn t of Indian descent. I m just trying to find certain Woodalls who claimed to be 3/4 Cherokee since I
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      Thanks, Misty. Actually, as far as I know my family wasn't of Indian descent.
      I'm just trying to find certain Woodalls who claimed to be 3/4 Cherokee since I
      believe that one of my Wilsons married a Woodall whose family filed this claim;
      they were later denied.

      It's been a learning experience.


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      I wish you all good luck in finding your Indian ancestors. Many were killed,
      died of diseases the white men introduced, and driven out west. The ones that
      stayed behind took on a "white" status in the census to keep from being
      discriminated against. Many also took on "white man " names. What is Baker now
      may have been Youngblood before. DNA testing is a wonderful tool. Some of the
      OLD newspapers will list names of the Indians, and some of the military
      correspondece will list names with places they were in.

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      Paula: I found this particular post of interest; and I would welcome people's

      The Compensation Act of 1906 bought a number of people that claimed to be
      Cherokee out of the "bushes" or out of the "woods" as the case maybe. For
      example, there were families living in Hill City, TN (now North Chattanooga)
      that applied for compensation. When you look at these families on census
      records, they show up as "Indian" in 1910 (after the Act) but not on prior
      census records. I have looked at the application for comp and their ancestry may
      go back two or three or more generations. The mixing probably occurred 100 years
      before. I think I remember the applications being denied.

      I have searched long and hard for my Cherokee ancestors and have found zip. I
      now believe that most of the mixing occurred in the 1700's. And, therefore, the
      records are very sparse.

      As far as Polk County is concerned, land was available for purchase in Alabama
      beginning, I think, in the 1830's (not sure of the date). The Cherokees ceded
      the land north of the TN River 1817. One of my ancestors came to what was to
      become Jackson Co in 1818. He probably came down the Great Wagon Road from VA. I
      think I remember he made his first land purchases in 1830's or 1840's even
      though he had lived on the land for years.

      If you look at early families in Jackson county, many came from Franklin Co, TN,
      just across Monteagle Mtn but also from Polk, McMinn, Meigs, etc. The draw was
      cheap land.


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      Subject: [jacksongenealogy] Where Is/Was Milan, Jackson Co AL?

      Where in Jackson County is/was Milan located? While looking for Woodalls, I
      found that Zephynor Woodall and wife Alline/Adline lived in Milan, AL. He
      mentions that it is 25 miles from Scottsboro.

      Zephynor was applying for admission to the Eastern Cherokee Nation in hopes of
      receiving, "such share as may be due me of the fund appropriated by the Act of
      Congress approved June 30, 1906." On June 28, 1908 he wrote to Mr. Guion
      Miller, Special Commissioner, Washington DC to complain that a letter requesting

      his presence for an interview arrived too late to keep the appointment. He said,

      "the postmark on your envelope shows that it was mailed on the 24th at 6 p.m.
      and that would only give it two days time to reach me, which would have been
      sufficient if I lived on the road; but as it takes one day after it reaches the
      road to find me, the whole time was consumed. Besides it is 25 miles from where
      I live to Scottsboro which must be traveled on horse back or vehicle so it would

      not be possible for me to appear on such short notice." Other TN relatives of
      Zephynor also applied for compensation, as well.

      Zephynor writes that he was born March 31, 1847 in Polk Co TN. Was there much
      migration between Polk Co TN and Jackson Co AL in those days?

      Hope someone can answer these questions for me.


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