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Re: [jacksongenealogy] Woodalls in TN & Jackson Co AL

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  • Charles McCutchen
    When I was looking into my McCollough line in Cannon County, Tn I discovered the Tennessee enumerators couldn t spell.  The last name was spelled 11 different
    Message 1 of 3 , Feb 28, 2011
      When I was looking into my McCollough line in Cannon County, Tn I discovered the Tennessee enumerators couldn't spell.  The last name was spelled 11 different ways.
      I'm certain it is their spelling because there is no discrepancies on for example Marriage records.  It was a challenge to say the least.

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      Subject: [jacksongenealogy] Woodalls in TN & Jackson Co AL
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      I'm drowning in Woodalls! Trying to connect two Woodall family lines but having

      a difficult time. I am connected to the Woodalls who left Baldwin/Jasper Co GA

      and came to Morgan Co AL ca 1819. Believe I may also be connected to the Woodall

      line from NC/SC>>TN area. Areas in TN would include Polk Co TN; McMinn Co TN;

      Hamilton Co TN and White Co TN.

      The spelling of the census takers has been the biggest stumbling block for me.

      I'm amazed at the differences in name spellings that have occured just in a 10

      year span. I've gone from Zephynor to Zephyr to Zephaniar to Zeffince for the

      same man! According to records, Zephynor(?) and Andrew Jackson Woodall of TN

      were the sons of Isiah and Sarah Bigham Woodall. Think she was the daughter

      of Sarah & William Bobbitt and that she married a Bigham? One document also

      looks like it mentions a Dody(?) and Phebia(?) Bigham? Nothing is proven except

      that Zephynor and Andrew are brothers and that their parents were Isiah & Sarah

      "Sallie" Woodall. They all seem to be connected in one way or another to Polk,

      McMinn, Hamilton, andWhite counties of TN.

      Latest puzzle....2 almost identical families on the1860 TN census:

      Izah Woodall was on 1860 Dist 3, Hamilton TN census   Post Office Chattanooga

      Izah                            born ca 1812 in NC

      Sarah                                   "  1816 in TN

      Benj                                     "  1845 in TN

      Margaret                              "  1848 in TN

      Zephyr                                 "  1850 in TN

      Susan                                   "  1852 in TN

      Nancy                                  "  1855 in TN

      Ira Woodall was on 1860 Dist 4, Hamilton TN census     Post Office Chattanooga

      Ira Woodall             born ca 1806 in SC

      Sarah  "                            "   1812 in TN

      Joseph                              "   1844 in TN

      Benj                                 "   1846 in TN

      Margaret                          "   1848 in TN

      Susan                                "   1853 in GA?

      Nancy                               "   1856 in GA?

      I know census takers were infamous for their spelling abilities but these

      people were in the same state, same county and have the same post office

      address; just the Districts are different. Are these 2 different families? If

      so, are they related?

      If you really want to be confused, try looking at their Civil War records; that

      will keep you up nights! I would really appreciate any help from anyone with

      Woodall information that would help straighten out these AL and TN Woodall



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