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     Once again I m trying to find my Wilson Family from SC & GA: Looking for anyone who has connections to the above subjects. Where were the most likely
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 17, 2011
       Once again I'm trying to find my Wilson Family from SC & GA:

      Looking for anyone who has connections to the above subjects. Where were the
      most likely places in SC that these Wilson/Willson families would have lived
      before coming to GA? I have no clue as to where William and Sarah (maiden
      unk) Wilson, my great-great gparents, might have lived while in SC. Nor, do I
      know exactly when they came to Walker Co GA. If their children's birth dates and
      locations can be believed, they were in SC in 1829 when first child, Benjamin,
      was born and stayed there until a child was born to them ca 1843 in
      GA. Wondering if either William or Sarah might have followed relatives from SC
      to GA?

      William's family was in West Amunchee/Amunchey, Walker Co GA in 1850. Hoping
      that other Wilson/Willson families in Walker Co might be kin. I'm wondering
      if other Wilson/Willson families might have had the following Christian names
      repeated in their line:

      Benjamin W E Wilson       (Would a listing in this fashion indicate that his
      first name might not have been Benj but William, instead?)
      Mary M. (ca 1837 SC)
      Abbey L. (ca 1838 SC)
      Martha A. (ca1839 SC)
      James (ca 1841 SC)
      Susy/Suzy C. (ca 1843 GA)        (Probably Susan, Susannah, etc)
      Jerry M (ca 1845 GA)                 (If Jerry is a nickname, what other names
      would be likely?)
      Minerva/Manerva J. (ca 1847 GA)
      Sarah E. (ca 1849 GA)
      Abraham/Abram (ca 1851-1852 GA).

       William and some of the children were in DeKalb Co AL in 1860 but wife, Sarah
      wasn't shown as being there. Guessing she had probably died between 1850-1860
      but don't know where. Have no clue as to exactly when, between 1850 & 1860, they
      moved to AL. Looks like the rest of the children probably scattered after
      1860 as I can't seem to find many of them after this time. Could some of them
      have moved back to GA after 1860?

      I believe that daughter, Sarah E Wilson, was living in Morgan Co AL in 1870;
      earlier, she was in Chattooga Co GA in 1880. She was married to a Cosby or
      Crosby man. I believe Minerva J moved to Jackson county AL by 1870 where she
      married a man by the name of David Wenrick/Wenrich/(??) in Madison Co
      AL 1869. They are on the 1870 Jackson Co AL census. I'm not 100% sure that this
      is the right Minerva. There was a William Wilson living in the home with
      Minerva/Manerva and he was about the right age to be her father and he is shown
      being born in SC. I can find nothing more on him after 1870. Abraham/Abram
      Wilson was in Morgan Co AL in 1870 where he married Sarah Jane Nesmith. It's
      very possible that the Martha Woodall living in Morgan Co AL at the time was his
      sister, Mary M Wilson, but can't find proof. The others, I just can't find

      Except for Abraham/Abram, the rest is pure conjecture. Abraham was my great
      gfather. He disappeared in 1874 and was never heard from again. The story was
      that he was killed, buried somewhere and his body never found. As far as I know,
      there was no other explaination passed down thru the years and my family has
      never known who Abraham's parents or siblings were. Abraham did name his only
      child William and I'm thinking he did so to honor his father. So far, I've found
      nothing to definitely prove that the above William Wilson family is mine. I've
      looked for marriages records, military records, death & burial records and a
      million other records but still not much has been found. I think I'm going to
      have to find a real family connection to other Wilson families before I can go
      any further

      Hoping some of the early SC or GA Wilson/Willson families may be connected in
      some way. Anyone like to claim Abraham???


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