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    I ve looked everywhere for a marriage record for Uriah W or Hugh Cosby/Crosby to a Sarah E Wilson and just can t find anything. Sarah was born ca 1849 in GA,
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 19, 2010
      I've looked everywhere for a marriage record for Uriah W or Hugh Cosby/Crosby to
      a Sarah E Wilson and just can't find anything. Sarah was born ca 1849 in GA,
      maybe Walker or Chattooga Co GA. Uriah/Hugh & Sarah married ca 1868, probably in
      Jackson, DeKalb, Jefferson or St. Clair counties of AL. Just wondering if any of
      these county courthouses were destroyed later and the record I'm looking for

      The mis-understanding of his name seems to be at the center of all the
      confusion. Uriah Crosby is correct but saying Uriah can also sound like Hugh
      Ryer and this name has also been attributed to him. Hugh/Uriah Cosby was said to
      have married, before marrying Sarah E Wilson, an Elizabeth Jane (nee Cates)
      Lovell ca 1865, probably in St. Clair Co. She was first married to James Lovell
      ca 1854. 

       She would have been either divorced from James Lovell or his widow before
      supposedly marrying Uriah/Hugh. It is later reported on some family trees that
      she married a 3rd time to Albert Simmons. There is a marriage record for an
      Albert Simmons & Eliza Jane Lovell on May 8, 1868 in Jefferson Co AL, but if she
      had been married to Uriah/Hugh Cosby ca 1865, wouldn't the license have given
      her name as Eliza Jane Cosby instead of the Lovell surname?

      As hard as I've tried, I can find no proof that Eliza/Elizabeth Jane Cates ever
      married Uriah/Hugh Cosby. I think he has been inserted into Elizabeth Jane
      Cates' family and does not actually belong there.

      According to several Family Trees, Elizabeth Jane's marriage to Uriah/Hugh is
      said to have produced a son, James W, born 1866. I seriously doubt this and
      would like to find proof because Sarah E (nee Wilson) Cosby also bore a son
      named James W who was born in Sept 1869 in AL. Sarah & infant son, James W, are
      on the 1870 Morgan Co AL census but Uriah/Hugh is not shown in the home. He is,
      however, found with Sarah E, James W, and his other children on the 1880
      Chattooga Co GA Census. After Sarah died, before 1900, Uriah is shown in
      Scottsboro, AL. Records have been found showing Uriah's name as both Uriah &
      Hugh. Again, probably due to census taker's spelling errors.

      I really need help trying to unravel this family so that the record can be set

      Thanks for any help,

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