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Re: [jacksongenealogy] Source of hand drawn map of Limrock area plus 8 names of areas original settlers

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  • Clay Gullatt
    Stephen   The Johnson Cemetery listed as # 307 SW on the Univ. of AL Cemetery Map. Located in Township 4 Range 4 Section 21 just North of County Rd 35 or
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 20, 2010
      The Johnson Cemetery listed as # 307 SW on the Univ. of AL Cemetery Map. Located in Township 4 Range 4 Section 21 just North of County Rd 35 or about 1 1/3 miles West of Limrock (they listed it as of uncertain location). Listed with 8 marked and 9 inmarked graves; first known interment A. Quincy Johnson 1881-1898; Gentle, Johnson and Rousseau are common to this cenetery last used in 1947. Other cemeteries in the Section are Dotson, Gentle and Erwin. The Erwin Cemetery is show as on County Rd. 525 and the Gentle Cemetery a little ways East of it and only lists three graves Emma Gentle 1869-1909. Clinton Gentle 1859-1917, Delia Gentle no dates. The Dotson Cemetery is further East of the Erwin Cemetery.
      Albert J. Johnson patented 3 parcels in Township 4 Range 4 Section 10 about 2 miles North of Limrock just West of County Rd 119, the road is the eastern boundry of part of his land.
      A lot of these old cemeteries are in wooded areas or cow pastures.
      You can find the Cemetery Map and list of the numbered cemeteries just above it, and just above that is a Township and Range Map at the Group Home Website under Files.
      If you want a map showing the sections I will email it to you.

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      Subject: [jacksongenealogy] Source of hand drawn map of Limrock area plus 8 names of areas original settlers
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      Date: Monday, September 20, 2010, 11:40 AM


      Greetings all JC researchers:
      Here is the information on the source of the original hand drawn map of the Limrock area.  I believe there may be two different version as described below:.
      Mr. Carlus Page, the former Official Historian of Jackson Co (in 1993) sent me a xerox of the cover and a few pages from the following:
      The cover reads: 
      Jackson Count Alabama
      Compiled by
      Marlin D. Tucker
      Lora P. Tucker
      January 1993
      ph:  205 232 1454
      Route 1, Box 265
      Tanner, Alabama 35671"
      On the introduction page, Tucker states ".....A decision was made to print this information as a separate bound booklet.  It will also appear in Vol. 3 of Lim Rock by Marlin D. Tucker.  Some of the cemeteries have not been used in many years.  A few of them, especially the Gentle Cemetery and Erwin Cemetery are in current use.
      There are 9 named cemeteries with an index of the names of the people and the cemeteries where they are buried
      In Feb. 1993, Marlin Tucker also published
      "LIM ROCK Alabama
      Jackson, County
      (Note:  Tucker grew up in Limrock, and returned 50 years later to collect stories.)
      In the later publication is the hand drawn, unscaled map of the Lim Rock area showing the locations of the cemeteries and other land marks, including Blowing Cave, old wagon roads and where businesses used to be.  This was compiled by Tanner from interviews and memories of "old timers" in Lim Rock.  They often met in a local cafe.
      This is where I found the location of the "Johnson Cemetery where my grandfather (Lafayette Derrick Dean)'s half-brother (Albert J Johnson) and his family (son:  Marion Johnson, and his wife and son) are buried.  I believe a different version of this map also showing the location of the Johnson Cemetery is also in the first mentioned publication. (Note:  on the 1907 Historical map, both Johnson's are shown, as mentioned in an earlier posting.)
      The author, Marlin Tucker, states that there are "Official names of cemeteries and coves and the like used by Jackson County and Historical Groups", but he uses the names used by "local people" and they don't always agree.
      The Johnson Cemetery
      Tanner states:  "  The Johnson Cemetery is located at the end of County Road 527.  It was named after Marion and Cassie Johnson who are buried there.  It is still maintained (by whom?).    Cassie was the daughter of Bill Houk."   It has seven graves unmarked except by local limestone rock.
      There are 8 marked graves with the last names of Johnson, Gentle, and Rouseau.  (One of the Rouseau's maiden name was Gentle).  There must have been very close relationships between these 3 families.  Carlus Page once told me that the Gentle's and Rouseau's and the Houk's were  the 3 families that initially settled Lim Rock, with the Hauk's coming last. 
        Of the 8 marked graves, 5 are Johnson's as follows:
        Johnson, Albert J.
        Johnson, Mary
            Their son, & his wife,  
                Johnson, Marion M.
                Johnson, Cassie
                     their son (deceased at age 14) 
                              Johnson, A. Quincy
      Albert J. Johnson was the oldest child of Dicy Ann Johnson.  Dicy Ann was a widow in 1870 census.  In 1877 she married my great grandfather Lafayette Derrick Dean in Woodville.  Marion Johnson is Albert and Mary's son, A. Quincy was Marion's son.
        Albert J. Johnson obtained a land patent in this area.  I would expect the Johnson Cemetery to be on his former land.  I will have to obtain a proper map showing townships and ranges for Jackson County and relate it to County Road 527 to see if there is a match.  I want to try to determine exactly were his land patent was anyway.
      In April 2009, Francis Lambert sent me the following names of the people that obtained land patents close to there: Township 4-S Range 4-E Section 15 :Samuel Williams,Jessie Williams, Jesse Isbell, John Isbell, Mathew Sims, James Dodson, James P Dodson, John Glover,: Section 10; Mathew Sims, Albert J Johnson, Jonathan J Davis, Wiliam Branum, Thomas Culver.
      Albert J. Johnson would have been my grand father Dean's half brother, about 25 years older than he was, and may be who he lived with after his and Albert's mother died when he was about 12
      Note:  I tried to called Marlin Tucker  a few years ago and his wife answered.  She told me that he died suddenly in 2004.  She suggested the genealogical dept at either Scottsboro or Huntsville both have these publications.  There is no other source as only a few were printed in 1993 and are all gone.
      Stephen Dean
      Clovis, CA

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