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Re: James R.Thompson mar. Elmira/Almira Ann Selby + Paschal/Pascal

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  • Clay Gullatt
    Well Hi Cousin   Don t believe everthing you see on tombstones, my sister Elizabeth s birth date is wrong on hers.   If someone is missing on the next few
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 24, 2010
      Well Hi Cousin
      Don't believe everthing you see on tombstones, my sister Elizabeth's birth date is wrong on hers.
      If someone is missing on the next few census and you know they have not moved suspect a death and remarriage with the children listed with the step-father's surname.
      You just added a bunch of cousins all the Gullatts and Gants in Jackson Co. Elizabeth (Gullatt) Gant b. 1799 Fairfax Co. VA d. ca 1864 Jackson Co. AL was Elizabeth "Betty" (Gant) Medford's Grandmother. (Mary) Elizabeth "Betty" (Gant) Mefford's mother was Sarah Manerva "Sally" (last name unknown) Gant who married John Gant son of Elizabeth Gullatt and Unknown First Name Gant.
      In Elizabeth (Gullatt) Gant's probate Mar/Apr 1873 were named her children John decd, Blunt? (Jasper N.??) and Mary who m. Elijah Snodgrass, in her will dated 27 Jan 1864 were named grandchildren Elizabeth, Nancy Gant m. Mitchell,  George and William, Not named were John and Sally's children Sarah b. 1848, Jefferson (J.J.) b. 1859 and a son Lance b. and d. between 1850-1860. Her will was attested by William Gullatt (brother) and Henry H. Coulson (Juliet Gullatt's husband) and her death by William Gullat, however he gave on date. From reading the will it likely was in 1864. Her daughter in law Manerva (Unknown) Gant was the administrator of  Elizabeth (Gullatt) Gant's estate which included land she had patented in 1831 and 40 acres she bought from her mother's (Manerva Catherine Yancy (Mitchell) Gullatt's estate in 1862. The Gant Cemetery is on one of the 80 acre tracts she patented in 1831. The will only mentions 80 acres in two seperate
      John and Sarah Manerva "Sally" (Uknown) Gant Children Marriages
      Sarah J. b. 1848 m. George W. Medcalf 25 Dec 1868
      George W. b. 1849 m. Mary Elizabeth Thomas 21 Dec 1871
      Mary Elizabeth "Betty"  b. 1852 m. Thomas Mefford 21 Sep 1882
      Nancy b. 1853 m. Henry T. Mitchell 23 June 1869
      William b. 1855 m. Margaret Ellen White 28 Jan 1894
      Jefferson b.1859 m. 1st. Elizabeth Shelton 12 Sep 1880 2nd Manervia Shelton 12 Jan 1888 (Elizabeth Shelton's sister)
      Mary and Elijah Snodgrass moved to Gibson Co. IND and are on the 1870 Census only time I found them.
      Have never found Jasper N. Gant after the Civil War. He served as 3rd Corp. in Co. G, 4th (Russell's) AL Cav. Last entry was in Feb 1864. I don't know if the Blunt mentioned in the probate as a son is him or not. Have never found a Blunt Gant/Gaunt.
      There are some other Thompsons from NC on the 1850 Census but none who were old enough to be Jefferson Thompson's parents.
      I have always thought that Elizabeth Gullatt m. one of the Gants that lived near them on Soap Creek, Lincoln Co. GA. This would be the Lunsford/Lanceford Gant/Gaunt line originally from VA.
      I know there are more of your Gant and Selby cousins in the jacksongenealogy yahoo group.

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      From: judy sims <judydsims@...>
      Subject: Re: James R.Thompson mar. Elmira/Almira Ann Selby + Paschal/Pascal
      To: "Clay Gullatt" <blackcloud27030@...>
      Date: Saturday, July 24, 2010, 8:07 AM

      Thank you so much.  How did you ever find that?  I have searched and searched.  On every census records I found his age to be different.  He is buried in the Gant cemetery at Hollywood, Al. and  his birth date is listed as 1827.  He and Almira Ann (they called her Annie) lived with my grandparents Jake and Dollie Mefford when they married until they died but he is listed as Jim and his birth date is 1833.  She is buried in the Ryland cemetery at Ryland, Al.  Also on my grandfather's (Jake Mefford) side I find the Gullant name.  His mother was Elizabeth (Betty) Gant but I think her mother was a Gullant.  They were from Jackson County also.   I saw the Harper name next the Thompsons on some census records and thought they might be related.  My mother said Elmira helped take care of them when they were little and was good to them.  She would tell they stories of the civil war.  Thank you so much, Judy

      On Fri, Jul 23, 2010 at 11:06 PM, Clay Gullatt <blackcloud27030@...> wrote:

      Well I found James R. Thompso. He is the son of Jefferson and Susan Thompson listed on the 1850 Jackson Co. Census b. Jan 1847. His wife was Elmira/Almira Ann Selby b. June 1851the dau of William and Elizabeth Selby/Selvy/Selvey. The Selbys were living near Larkinsville and lived next to my Ggrandparents John and Martha (Phillips) Harper.
      Now to the mixup with his surname his father Jefferson Thompson d. ca 1856/59 and Susan Thompson remarried to George W. Paschal 06 Apr 1860 JOP Bolton OS Page 41, she and her three sons James R, Wesley T. and Thomas J. are listed with him on the 1860 census as Paschal. The two younger ones are on the 1870 census with George and Susan as Paschal. They kept the Paschal/Pascal surname, James went back to Thompson. James Thompson m. Elmira A. Selby 10 Sep 1874 by J. M. Isbell OS Page 376.
      I haven't found James on the 1870 census. He is I believe listed on the 1880 as Jas Thompson but his age is wrong it has him as 45 and his wife is listed as Ann 24 and son Willam 3. On the 1900 James R. is listed at Larkinsville living next to a couple of my Harper cousins. One of my Harpers Mary Ann Harper Grubbs m. John Higgins Selby who is likely a cousin of your Elmira/Almira Ann Selby.
      1900 Larkinsville, Dist 32 Jackson Co. AL
      Jas R. Thompson Head Jan 1847 63 mar.24yrs AL TN AL
      Almira A. Wife June 1851 mar. 24yrs 4children/3living AL TN AL
      Geo. W. Son June 1881 18 AL AL AL
      Dolly M. Dau Jan 1891 9 AL AL AL
      1900 Allison Dist 27, Jackson Co. AL
      Sausan Pascal Feb 1825 75 Wd 5children/3living  AL NC NC
      Robert G. Grandson Dec1887 17 AL AL AL
      Winfeild Grandson Oct 1889 10 AL AL AL
      I have not found the Paschals/Pascals on the 1850.
      I am posting this to jacksongenealogy also to see if anyone there is kin to your family.
      Clay Gullatt

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