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Re: [jacksongenealogy] HOLDEN HIL

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  • billy hill
    bill , thank you for the great information. i know the brewers are part of the family but i dont know any of them. ill find mr brewer when i get to paint rock
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      bill , thank you for the great information. i know the brewers are part of the family but i dont know any of them. ill find mr brewer when i get to paint rock valley. thanks again    bill hill

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      As you go north on 65 (about mile marker 21 or 22) you will come to a big field and then a white house on the left. As you pass the house, you will see small field and very large cane along Larkin Fork Creek. Mr Brewer lives in the white house. He should know you Brewer Family. He is retired from Huntsville Public Works.

      The Thomas Hill Spring is to the north in sec. 17 SE of SE. This is the land patented by Holden Hill in 1834. The land to the south and the west of this 40 ac. was patented by Valentine Cagle?in 1852 and 1858. Valentine also patented other land in this same area. Highway 65 runs through SE of SE of sec. 17. I live in the SW of NE of 17 on the north side of Larkin Fork and HW 65

      Bill Cagle

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      In the 1840 Jackson County census Holden and Richard are living next to each
      other, both are about the same age (30 to 40), in Richard's household is a
      woman in the 70-80 years of age group, is there also a Richard, son of the
      Richard you believe is the father of Holden, did he die before the 1840

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      > Holden Hill married Paulina/Pauline Cook on August 31, 1845, in Franklin
      > County, TN. According to land deeds (cited in paragraph two below),
      > Holden Hill and his Hill family owned land and lived about half way
      > between Francisco and Swaim in Paint Rock Valley which is in the
      > northwestern corner of Jackson County, AL.
      > On Sep 24, 1832, Holden Hill purchased the Southeast quarter of the
      > southeast quarter of Section 17, Township 1, Range 4 East (40.0425
      > acres) under Warrant No. 5216. On December 31, 1836, Holden Hill
      > purchased the Northwest quarter of the Southeast quarter of Section 8,
      > Township 1, Range 4 East (40.0125 acres) under Warrant No. 10890. On
      > July 13, 1858, Holden Hill purchased the Northwest quarter of the
      > Northwest quarter of Section 15, Township 1, range 4 East (40.1925
      > acres) under Warrant No. 28783. The land in Section is on the west side
      > of Larkins Fork Creek and Alabama Highway 65. The land in Section 17
      > was a little south of that in Section 8 and was on the east side of Hwy
      > 65. In fact, Hwy 65 probably runs through this 40 acres.
      > The land in Section 15 was about two miles due east of the land in
      > Section 17. The land in Section 15 is at the head of Reid Hollow on a
      > current land map. Reid Hollow lies between Grays Chapel and
      > Francisco. All this land is two to three miles south of the
      > Alabama-Tennessee line. This is why it was closer and more convenient
      > for Holden Hill and Paulina/Pauline Cook to obtain a marriage license in
      > Franklin County, TN, in 1845, than to travel 35-40 miles east to old
      > Bellefonte (then county seat of Jackson County) to obtain their marriage
      > license.
      > I found Holden Hill on the 1840, 1850, 1860, and 1870 Jackson County, AL
      > censuses.
      > 1850 Jackson County, AL, Family 292: Holden Hill, age 37, born SC,
      > Paulina, age 24, Mary, age 4, Sarah, age 2
      > In 1850, Holden and Paulina/Pauline Hill lived next door to Thomas Hill,
      > age 32, who married Mary A. Duboise. Mary Hill, age 75, born NC, was
      > living with Thomas and Mary A. Hill and their children. I suspect
      > Thomas is Holden's younger brother and Mary, age 75 is their Mother.
      > Most likely Mary is the widow of Richard Hill, Sr. who died before 1850.
      > In 1860, Holden was enumerated as age 50, and his wife as age 32. Their
      > children were: Polly (nickname for Mary), age 12; Sally (nickname for
      > Sarah), age 10; Elizabeth, age 8, THOMAS, age 6; Louisa, age 4; and
      > infant, age 3/12 or 5/12 (number was almost illegible on census). This
      > unnamed infant would have been Holden's son Richard Hill.
      > In 1870, Holden Hill was age 60 and Paulina was shown as age 45, born
      > VA. Their children shown in 1870 were: Sallie, age 22; THOMAS, age 16;
      > Louisa, age 14' Richard, age 11; Wiley, age 9; Reuben, age 3; and John
      > D, age 1.
      > PAINT ROCK VALLEY PIONEERS, page 212, (Bostick Hill Cemetery
      > inscriptions) includes the grave marker inscription for Wiley and Mary
      > (Brewer) Hill as:
      > Wiley A. Hill, born June 11, 1861, died November 9, 1935
      > Mary (Brewer) Hill, born Dec 23, 1863, died Apr 13, 1924
      > Bostick Hill Cemetery is located between Princeton and Estill Fork about
      > 2 miles north of Alabama Hwy 65, in Township 2, Range 4 East, Section
      > 2. Also buried in the Bostick Hill Cemetery are: Ada Elizabeth Hill,
      > born June 17, 1896, died April 9, 1925; Bob Hill, born Feb 22, 1910,
      > died July 9, 1941; and Emma Hill Morris, born Aug 6, 1879, died Sept 26,
      > 1958. These Hills are buried next to William T. and Frona Duboise.
      > There are 7 Hills markers in the Beech Grove Cemetery which is in
      > Franciso and located just south of the Tennessee Line and adjacent to
      > Alabama Hwy 65. The latest Hill death (among these 7 Hill markers)
      > bears the date September 7, 1967.
      > NOTE 1: Don't be fooled by the Big Coon Post Office on the 1870
      > census. Holden Hill DID NOT LIVE in Big Coon per se. The man who
      > took the 1870 census was in charge of the area ranging from Big Coon
      > Valley to the Jackson-Madison County border for Townships 1 and 2. IF
      > you look at microfilm for actual 1870 census, you will find COLLINS BEAT
      > 18written above Big Coon Post Office. COLLINS BEAT 18 WAS the actual
      > geographic location where Holden Hill's family lived.
      > NOTE 2 to BILLY HILL: YOU MUST DRIVE Alabama Highway 65 that traverses
      > Paint Rock Valley while you are in Jackson County. This is the home of
      > your Hill and Brewer ancestors. Regretfully, I do not know anyone in
      > that area that might connect with your families. My advice is to stop
      > at one or more of the country stores along this route, introduce
      > yourself, and ask if anyone knows of living in the neighborhood who
      > might remember or know of someone still living who has connections to
      > your Hill family.
      > Ann B. Chambless
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