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Popejoy Research in Jackson Co. Records

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  • jlcabler
    Do you know if anyone is available to look up courthouse records for me on my Popejoy line? I have been planning a trip to Scottsboro for the past couple of
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 1, 2009
      Do you know if anyone is available to look up courthouse records for me on my Popejoy line? I have been planning a trip to Scottsboro for the past couple of years, but my mother is not strong enough to be left by herself for the time it would take me to make the trip and do just 3 or 4 hours of searching. I wanted to get someone to sit with her, but my mother refuses to allow anyone to stay. So, it looks as if I need someone to find the records for me. I have done quite a bit of research myself in other counties over the past twenty years, so I understand what may be involved.

      Following is a brief overview of what I know about my Popejoy family's years in Paint Rock. If anyone will do research for me in Jackson County, please let me know. We have a family reunion the middle of October, and I would like to have documentation to go with the info I have and additional info, if it exists.

      My Popejoy family has not been in Jackson County very long. My grandfather, Elbert Rice Popejoy, went to Paint Rock from New Market to find work about 1904-1906. He would return to New Market on weekends. After this continued for a while, my grandmother, Jennie Estelle Blanton Popejoy, and their 3 little boys joined him in Paint Rock. The only place he could find to stay was a small 2-room cabin, but my grandmother said it was better to live in a two-room cabin than to be living apart all week.

      Later they found a house to rent that was next door to the property they purchased where they built a house. I think the deed to their property was registered in August 1910.

      Elbert R. Popejoy's original profession was a house carpenter. However, he worked in other fields as well. He and Mr. Jim Jones were partners in a dry goods store in Paint Rock; he owned the Paint Rock Valley Telephone Exchange for many years; and he owned a grocery store in Paint Rock. I don't know if records for these businesses exist at the court house or not.

      I have been told that Jennie Blanton Popejoy registered to vote in October 1927.

      Elbert and Jennie Popejoy had nine children; only seven lived to become adults. Their eldest son, Milton Eugene Popejoy was mayor of Paint Rock from 1955-1976. (I think those years are correct.) Milton died in Paint Rock on 11 Sep 1978, and was bu. in Paint Rock Cemetery. He was married to Nora Maybelle Wilbourn on 6 Feb 1921, in Paint Rock. Nora died 5 Aug 1993, in Huntsville, and was buried in Paint Rock Cemetery.

      The other two sons, William Edward Popejoy and Clyde Lynton Popejoy, did not remain in Paint Rock. William E. Popejoy was the Business Administrator of the Madison County schools and lived in Huntsville. Clyde L. Popejoy moved to Michigan. Three of the daughters - Mamie, Beulah, and Alice Mildred - married Jackson County men, but only one remained in Jackson County. The other daughter, Estelle, married a Madison County man, and they lived most of their lives in Lauderdale County.

      Elbert Rice Popejoy died 4 April 1963, and was buried in Paint Rock Cemetery. Jennie Estelle Blanton Popejoy died 9 July 1971, while visiting daughters in Florence, Lauderdale Co., AL, and was buried in Paint Rock Cemetery. I have photographs of their tombstone.

      Thanks for any help.

      Jennie Lee Perry Cabler

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