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Re: [jacksongenealogy] James M Hankins

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  • Clay Gullatt
    James M. Hankins patented land as follows in Jackson Co. 4/2/1857 119.62 Acres in Sect. 8 Township 3 Range 5 12/1/1850 39.88 Acres in Sect. 8 Township 3 Range
    Message 1 of 5 , Jul 22, 2009
      James M. Hankins patented land as follows in Jackson Co.
      4/2/1857 119.62 Acres in Sect. 8 Township 3 Range 5
      12/1/1850 39.88 Acres in Sect. 8 Township 3 Range 5
      In can argued that the following is him also:
      James M. Hawkins
      12/1/1859 79.62 Acres Sects. 7/8 Township 3 Range 5
      This land is next to James M. Hankins and I have found no James M. Hawkins in Jackson Co.
      All of this land is southwest of Skyline and west of State Hwy 79 in the northwest corner of section 8 and northeast corner of section 7.
      Yes, there were still full blood Cherokee living in Jackson Co. in the 1860s and 1870s. After what happened in the 1830s who would list their wife or parent as Indian? You will find few listed as such on any of the census. Jemima (Welsh) Clark a full blood Cherokee b. 1796 NC d. Feb 1872 Bellefonte Jackson Co. wife of Isaac Clark b.ca1779  VA d. 1861 Jackson Co. and mother in law to James M. and Thomas J. Gullatt was still living in 1860 and 1870. Many of Jemima's  13 half blood children were also living in Jackson Co, some of whom were alive in 1900.
      I don't descend from Jemima (Welsh) Clark but James M. Gullatt's second wife Malissa Payne Harper.

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      I thought I would throw this in the mix on James Hankins and Minerva Lou.

      Census info indicates that James M Hankins was born in Alabama probably in 1823.? I cannot find him prior to 1870 in the census info.

      In 1857, he purchased 119 acres in the Huntsville District.? In 1859, he purchased 40 acres in the Huntsville Dist.

      In Aug 1870, he is living in Jackson County, born in 1823, Alabama, and married to Nancy born 1820, Virginia.? They have children Nancy C (Cox?), age 15, b Alabama, Minerva L, age 13, b Alabama, Stephen A, age 10, b Alabama.

      Living next door is Soloman Cox, age 51, b Virginia.? Bought land in 1861, 160 acres.? Has son John, age 8,?b ?Alabama.

      In the 1880 census for Jackson Co, James Hankin is 57, Nancy is probably dead, and James is married to Tabitha, age 33, b Virginia.? It can be argued that she is probably a Cox. The daughter of James and Nancy, Minerva Lou, age 21, is married to John Cox, probably from next door.They have an infant born in May.? In the same household is Susanah, age 25, b? Virginia, married to James Wortham, age 22, b Alabama.? She is probably Tabitha sister, she is listed a sister-in-law but probably not a blood sister to James Hankins.

      A John Hankin may be living on the Soloman Cox place next door and married to (cannot read the name).? Soloman seems to be gone.

      Now to the "full blooded indian" question.

      It seems very unlikely that Minerva could be FBI.? Cherokees did remain in the area but by this time (1860's, 1870's) the remainders were probably one-quarter or even less.? I still want to try to find James Hankins before he came to Jaskson Co but there is little reason to believe he was NA.? The Coxes all seem to be from Virginia and if they are NA, it too would have been a couple of generations back.

      Being NA is hot these days.

      Happy hunting.

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