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Re: [jacksongenealogy] Hugh W. Crosby/Cosby/Cozby

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    Clay,  That 1870 Decatur, Morgan Co AL census is where my nervous breakdown began!  Seriously, my interest in the Crosby/Cosby families began with this Sarah
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      That 1870 Decatur, Morgan Co AL census is where my nervous breakdown began!  Seriously, my interest in the Crosby/Cosby families began with this Sarah CROSBY in Morgan Co because I am a Wilson. My great grandfather, Abram/Abe Wilson, (who left all of his descendants without a clue about our Wilson ancestors ) was living next door to Sarah on this census and it looks like Sarah Crosby/Cosby could turn out to be Sarah E Wilson. The only thing I had to get me started looking for my Wilson ancestors is a veeeeeery faint copy of a note to a probate judge giving my great gfather, Abram/Abe Wilson, permission to marry in the year 1870. And the kicker to that is that the note was signed by an unknown (to us, anyway) H W and S E Crosby. So, when I saw Sarah Crosby living next door to Abe, I decided to find this H W and S E Crosby because I figured that she had to have some kind of authority to grant this permission. Because of Sarah and Abe's ages and
      the fact that they were both born in GA, I figured she was probably a sister. And that's when I started to get confused. Hugh was no where to be found in 1870; Sarah and son James W were all alone. But, Hugh and Sarah were found in Seminole, Chattooga Co, GA as Hugh W and Sarah CROSBY and they had James W and 3 more kids. Census year 1890 left me with no census; in 1900, Hugh (no "W") CROSBY was in Scottsboro, Jackson Co AL with a few of the kids and a new wife , Mary Magdalene Furgerson Terry; and in 1910 Sanders, Jackson Co AL, Hugh had suddenly become a COSBY with a couple of his grand kids living with him and some of his other g-kids living with different families thru out the area. One of them was the earlier mentioned Ada COSBY living with the  J. C. Cornelison family.
      When all was said and done, most of Hugh's(?) children had become Cosbys on most records. From all that I've seen, information on Hugh's life and family all seems to lead back to the family of James S. Cosby born 1806 Buncombe NC and later living in Jefferson Co AL. James and wife, Anna Brown did indeed have a son named Uriah W COSBY, born ca 1846 in AL  Even information written down from a family bible handed down from one of Hugh's? sons give their names as COSBY and said that Hugh's name was Hugh Rour COSBY (again, looks like a matter of phonetics) and that Hugh's wife was named Sarah. Lafayette COSBY'S death certificate says his mother's name was Wilson and another son, Frank COSBY, said his mother's maiden name was Wilson. Also,the 1880 &1910 census lists Hugh/Uriah's parents born NC. The James S Cosby and his wife mentioned above are born NC. It's like a nest of snakes....they're so tangled up that you can't tell if there's just one snake
      or a dozen!
      My g-gfather, Abe, was born ca 1851-1852 somewhere in GA and the Sarah Crosby on the 1870 Morgan Co census was born in 1849 somewhere in GA. On both the 1870 census and the 1880 census, it is noted that Sarah is blind. Without an 1890 census, it can't be determined if Sarah was still alive. I seems that her last child, Marion Isaac, was born in 1889. Since Hugh married in 1899, I'm guessing she died between 1889 and 1899 but I can't find a death certificate or find a cemetery where she is buried. To make matters worse, Abe Wilson, just up and disappeared in 1874 and all his family was ever told was that he was robbed and killed on his way home from work, his body was buried or hidden and it was never found. I find this weird and probably not true, but people were so worried about saving face back then. I think he just up and left and started a new life some place else. Either way, our family has never known anything about our Wilson ancestors before
      Abe, and probably never will. We don't even know his complete name...was Abram/Abe his given name or his middle name?  I've combed GA and AL with a fine-tooth comb and all I can find is this mysterious mixing of Wilsons, Crosbys and Cosbys.
      Again,this is why I desperately need to find Hugh W Crosby and Uriah W. Cosby on two separate census records in the same year. Are they one and the same? The information found on the two is so close and yet so far apart.
      See, I told you it was a mess. Hope I haven't confused too many people!
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      His first name I am certain is Hugh. When hearing him say his name was Hugh W. they simply mistook Hugh for U.
      Jackson Co. Marriages
      James W. Cozby m. Mary E. Jenkins 17 Sep 1890 MOG T. B. Parks OS Page 33
      Andrew J. Flippo m. Mary Cosby 23 Apr 1899 Probate Judge C. L. Cargile OS Page 120
      And here is the kicker.
      H. F. Shigley m. Malissa Keith 12 Oct 1884 MOG H. W. Crosby OS Page 338
      It would seem that Hugh was also a Minister. Most mininster of this era had other jobs.
      The below seems to be Sarah and James W. Crosby but without Hugh.
      1870 SubDiv 23 (Decatur PO) Morgan Co. AL
      Sarah Crosby 21 Housekeeping GA
      Jas. W. 9/12 b. Sep 1869 AL

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