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Union Hospital at Larkinsvile + HARPER, SHELTON, SELBY, WRIGHT, PACE, LATHAM

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      Note: Andrew J. Harper was the son of William Benjamin  and Elizabeth Ann (Shelton) Harper. Andrew J. Harper was b. 20 July 1846 d. 01 May 1907, m. Dolly
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      Note: Andrew J. Harper was the son of William Benjamin  and Elizabeth Ann (Shelton) Harper. Andrew J. Harper was b. 20 July 1846 d. 01 May 1907, m. Dolly T. Fowler 23 Sep 1864.
      In reading through Andrew J. Harper's application for compensation to the Southern Claims Commission I have come across some interesting info.
      Date of Application was 31 July 1871. Witness statements taken Sept 1872.
      There was a Union Hospital at Larkinsville in 1864. That Col. Robert Stewart of US Army had taken 25 gallons of peach brandy for use at the hospital in Larkinsville in Sept 1864.
      Capt. Givens US Army had taken 80 bushels of corn 24 Jan 1865.
      Lt. Loveless US Army had taken 60 bushels of corn 28 Dec 1861.
      Andrew J. Harper had served 1 year in the US Army, Co. "A" 1st Reg't AL & TN Vidette Cav. in 1863/1864. He received a pension for being invalid 23 July 1890.
      His brothers John A. and Robert F. Harper had served in the Confederate Army but both had deserted and one had joined the Union Army.  Records show Robert F. Harper serving in Union 1st Reg't TN Independent Vidette Cav it also shows Andrew J. Harper served in this unit. Robert Harper also served in Co "E" 1st Reg't Confederate Cav. He enlisted in Capt S. Woodruffs Co. TN Volunteers 01 Feb 1862, deserted 10 Sept 1863.
      Witness' to verify his claim included Alfred M. Shelton, Walter Selby, Z.J. Wright, Ephraim Latham, Joseph Pace. From testimony given all these were Union supporters or served in the Union Army.
      Also mention are Confederate supporters Caleb Tipton, Geo. Wilson Clay Floulcher??(Fulcher?), William Thompson.
      Ephriam Latham of Huntsville was Capt US Army and was Capt. of  of Co. "A" when Andrew J. Harper was in Company (A) in 1863 and 1864. Andrew J. Harper was discharged July 1864 at Stevenson, AL
      Alfred M. Shelton states Andrew J. Harper was his Nephew (this gives us Andrew's Mother's last name Elizabeth Ann Shelton, Betsy Shelton Harper N/A d. 3-1891 wife of Ben Harper buried Boxes Cove Cem settlement of her estate says she d. Feb 1891).
      Andrew J. Harper stated he owned his own land 550 acres over 125 acres cleared with 325 acres in timber.
      He said he was threatened to be hung if caught by Caleb Tipton, Geo. Wilson , Clay Foulcher (Fulcher?), William Thompson and others.
      A squad of Rebel soldiers came to my house one and bushwacked me and shot me. They stole my clothing, two horses, my rifles and pistol.
      There is also a Southern Compensation Claim from Robert F. Harper Larkinsville, Jackson Co. AL dtd 21 Apr 1871. Witness' James Barnes (Barns) Thomas Culver, J. G. Cundiff. All that is in the file is Robert's statement no witness statements. Last date 15 Feb 1873 that Robert died during this period he is not on the 1870 or 1880 census. He received part of his father's estate in 1867.

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