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Re: [jacksongenealogy] JACKSON COUNTY CHRONICLES published by the JCHA since 1975

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  • James Huffine
    Ann, if you ever have a chance to find your xerox copy of Shepard Shelton s obit I would love to have a copy. I woud love to have a copy of anthing on this
    Message 1 of 4 , Sep 24, 2008
      Ann, if you ever have a chance to find your xerox copy of Shepard
      Shelton's obit I would love to have a copy. I woud love to have a
      copy of anthing on this family and would be glad to pay for your
      postage. I have read the Taylor book regarding Martisha Taylor
      Shelton's family. At one time I was convinced that Shepard was
      William's son and that William was Abraham and Chloe's but there are
      also Shelton researchers that think William was John Shelton's son. I
      have corresponded with Dorothy Lowe, years ago, as she is related to
      Woodlief Thomas and Amanda Easterly's family. My ggrandmother, Rosina
      was from Woodlief Thomas and his first wife (Elizabeth Young). All
      these Sheltons make for some confusion!
      Thanks, Ruth Burnette Huffine

      On Sep 20, 2008, at 6:51 PM, Ann B. Chambless wrote:

      > J*ames Huffine wrote:*
      > >
      > > *Ann, you said that you have written about the Shepard Shelton
      > family,
      > > of Jackson County. Who do you think his parents were? I am related
      > to
      > > this branch of the Sheltons and Shepard's son, Woodlief Thomas is my
      > > gg grandfather. I can trace the family to Shepard but am unable to
      > > find out for sure who his parents were.
      > > Ruth Burnette Huffine
      > > *
      > >
      > *
      > .
      > RUTH: Dorothy Shelton Lowe and I co-authored the essay on the family
      > of
      > Shepard Shelton of Jackson County, AL.
      > Dorothy's opening statement was:
      > "Shepard Shelton, who brought his family to Jackson County, Alabama,
      > in
      > the 1820s, descended from prominent Pittsylvania County, Virginia
      > families. HIS FATHER, WILLIAM SHELTON, was the son of ABRAHAM SHELTON
      > who was a son of CRISPIN SHELTON. Some genealogists designate this
      > line
      > of descent as the Ralph Shelton line and have traced this family to
      > the
      > immigrant, James Shelton, who arrived in Jamestown in 1610."
      > Crispin and Abraham Shelton's names appeared in Pittsylvania County,
      > Virginia's list of tithables in 1767. Both men were early vestrymen
      > for
      > the Church of England. They served as sheriffs and justices of the
      > peace. They were captains in the militia from 1767 to 1770. Abraham
      > Shelton was a member of the Virginia House of Delegates, representing
      > Pittsylvania County and the town of Danville in 1777 and 1778.
      > During the Revolutionary War, Abraham Shelton served as a colonel.
      > Crispin Shelton was a captain with six sons in the American
      > Revolution.
      > Young William Shelton assisted in collecting cattle and driving them
      > to
      > Peytonsburg militia post. William also served as a dispatch rider for
      > that post.
      > Shepard Shelton was born in Pittsylvania County on June 1, 1791. His
      > Mother was Martisha Taylor, a daughter of Captain Edmund Taylor.
      > YOU will want to read Maude Clement's HISTORY OF PITTSYLVANIA. Also,
      > you will be interested in knowing that Mary Taylor Brewer's FROM LOG
      > CABIN TO THE WHITE HOUSE mentions that Martisha Taylor Shelton's
      > brother, Edmund Taylor, moved to Lincoln Co, TN, by 1818.
      > ALSO, have you seen Hugh and Ida Taylor's book, SOME EARLY SHELTONS IN
      > At one time I had a xerox copy of Shepard Shelton's obit (but can't
      > find
      > it today) which stated he came to Jackson County in 1825. I have also
      > seen in old records that Shepard served on the school board in
      > Larkinsville, AL. in 1854. I am sure you are well aware that Shepard's
      > brother, Woodlief Shelton was also active in community affairs in
      > Jackson County.
      > Hope the above gives you some new information that will help you add
      > several generations to your family tree chart.
      > Ann B. Chambless*
      > > ___
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