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Re: [jacksongenealogy] All the Stephens Messages

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  • Jimmie Ryan
    I am kind of thinking people are getting off track here, I did not question anyone s fact, records, and/or research, and I guess David and Ann may have gotten
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 18, 2008
      I am kind of thinking people are getting off track here, I did not question
      anyone's fact, records, and/or research, and I guess David and Ann may have
      gotten the wrong impression.

      There are various types of researchers; I am a medium (with only eight
      years), Ann and Clay are what I consider "Authorities," with the skills of
      an expert; I do not question there research, and I sure did not wish to have
      all the same facts reposted to our archives' My questions were simple:

      a. I still have a brick wall when it comes to MY Elizabeth "Miss Betsy"
      Stephens b Jan 1822 in Alabama as to who her parents and siblings were in
      this county or early Alabama region.

      b. What was the relationship between Solomon Stephens; son of Ellis
      Stephens (a known person in the county), to her and why did the family move
      into, Young, Denton, Collin, Comanche, Montague, and other Indian Areas of

      c. I was attempting to have a discuss of the various conflicting facts in
      a "civilized" manner, this list has become very protective and it is making
      some of us not want to participate with discussions and/or helping the new
      members due to this continued "battle" who is the best historian of the
      group or list. The fact is clear: Ann Chambers; and Clay.

      d. I am 99 percent certain THAT ANN IS COMPLETELY RIGHT in her research,
      I respect, known, and have appreciated her UNCOMPROMISING good nature to
      help in these shadowy areas, as it is with Clay who has also taken this list
      along with Ann to were it is today - one of the finest on the internet.

      e. Since some of us have settler families that pre-date the formation of
      Alabama, or for that matter Franklin, Tennessee the conversation was only
      met to start some type of dialogue to this area of research for the list (we
      know that there are four (if not more) ways people got into this area: 1)
      New France (1531 - 1805); Spain (1498 - 1809); The expansion of the British
      Colonial System; and lastly the formation of the United States and its
      expansion westward.

      So I hope I have clarified my position on my question, there was no intent
      to have all these postings (which are already in our Archives) regarding who
      is who, I leave that to Ann and Clay and our Archives' I was just posting
      my brick wall and seeing if there was any new information out there after
      eight years; which I believe, there has not reading the responses I believe
      people on this list should understand that I am terminally ill, my
      medications sometimes make me believe I am typing something nicely, yet it
      comes across as a "tart" sentence; so if that was the case please allow me
      to extend my deepest apologies to Ann, and David if they were offended by my
      question. With that said, can we get back to research, and I hope Ann's
      exploration in the court house will bring more light to this very important
      settler family. Since I am now in my last few months I just hoped that
      somehow more information of this area between 1805 and 1840 would come to
      light; I have never been a good waiting person.

      Once again, please - this is only an inquiry NOT a not an attempt to unseat;
      whom I believe is, our best asset and who has provided us with unwavering
      help, support, and kindness.

      Jimmie Ryan
      GGGG Elijah and Elizabeth "Miss Betsy" Stephens

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      Subject: Re: [jacksongenealogy] Ebenezer Stephens

      > That would make Ebenezer a likely brother of Josiah, who was born in
      > 1771.? Thank you!
      > Glory to God,
      > David Malbuff
      > Strasburg, Virginia
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      > LDS shows a son of Josiah Stephens and Catherine Borden as Ebenezer b.
      > 1764 Bertie County, South Carolina. As always, take LDS info as a
      > starting place, not proof. There is also the question as to whether
      > Catherine Borden was the wife of Josiah or not.
      > Martha in California
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      > On Sep 17, 2008, at 7:41:16 PM, Malbuff <malbuff@...> wrote:
      > The only Ebenezer Stephens in my records is a native of Connecticut
      > born
      > before 1700.
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