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Stevens/Stephens DNA Testing

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  • Carolyn Martin Cole
    If anyone would like to know about the Stevens/Stephens DNA testing done on some NC families you may contact Bill Bailey at
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      If anyone would like to know about the Stevens/Stephens DNA testing done on some NC families you may contact Bill Bailey at bbailey.lowedn@...<mailto:bbailey.lowedn@...> you may also wish to contact Myra Caroline Sims at myracsims@...<mailto:myracsims@...>

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      Many years ago I did a great deal of research for Frances Widener of
      Gordon, Texas, on her Josiah Stephens family. During this time it
      became evident there were two separate Stephens families in Jackson
      County, Alabama, between 1830s and 1860s. THE SAD PART IS SO MANY
      One family was _headed by Josiah and Nancy (Vann) Stephens_ who moved
      from South Carolina to Franklin Co, Tennessee, in time to make the 1812
      Franklin Co, TN Tax List. They had moved to Jackson County, AL, by
      1830. They were both born in SC and can be found in SC records.
      The other Stephens family consisted of _Barbarry/Barbery (Ellis)
      Stephens and her husband _who died before the 1850 census. This
      Stephens family seems to have migrated from North Carolina to Blount Co,
      AL, and then to Jackson County, AL. I have never been able to determine
      if Barbery (Ellis) Stephens' husband died in Blount County or Jackson
      In the printed 1830 Jackson County, AL, census, Josiah Stephens was
      inadvertently transcribed as Josiah Sterns. However, this man's
      children aptly fit the ages of Josiah and Nancy (Vann) Stephens'
      children based on later censuses. ALSO, his neighbors include his
      sons, Sutton and William Stephens, and the Peters and the Moses Maples
      families. This is proof that Josiah and Nancy Stephens lived in what
      became known as Peters Cove. This area is about 6 to 7 miles WEST of
      NOTE TO D. Malbuff: I took you to Peters Cove area several years ago.

      In the 1830 Jackson County, AL, census, DANIEL STEPHENS, son of Barbery
      (Ellis) Stephens, lived in a completely different area of the county in
      what is now known as Tupelo/Maynards Cove area. As some of you know,
      Daniel Stephens married Edith (Eady) Murphree. The Murphrees, Stephens,
      and Bynums were from North Carolina and all very early settlers in
      Blount County, AL, BEFORE they came on to Jackson County, AL. Old
      Isaac Bynum's first wife is thought to be nee Ellis and was probably
      related to Barbery (Ellis) Stephens.
      At the time of the 1840 Jackson County, AL census, Daniel and Eady
      (Murphree) Stephens still lived in the same area as the Bynums. John W.
      Stephens and Elijah Brazure/Brashier had also moved to this same
      neighborhood which is 7 to 8 miles due NORTH of Scottsboro. Early deed
      records for Daniel Stephens confirm the area in which he lived.
      In 1850, Barbery Stephens, age 75, born in NC, was living with her son,
      Daniel Stephens, and they were still in the Maynards Cove area, as was
      Elijah Brazier and Ellis Stephens.
      Nancy (Vann) Stephens' husband, Josiah Stephens, died on June 26,
      1848, and in 1850 she was living with their son, William Stephens.
      They were still in the Peters Cove area where they had been for at least
      20 years. Josiah Stephens' death and military service record were
      proved by his widow, Nancy (Vann) Stephens. Nancy migrated to Texas
      with other family members and died there.
      I am not familiar with Don Stephens OR his website. IF this same
      information appears on his website, please accept my apology for any
      duplication I have included in this message. My goal was to let all our
      members know there were two completely separate Stephens families in
      this county before 1850.
      Ann B. Chambless

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