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  • Lanita Sconce Smith
    Sep 9 10:20 AM

      Some of us have access to the census and other resources because of our
      membership to ancestry.com or HeritageQuest.com. Others have resources
      from the particular county in their home or can go to the local
      courthouse, library, or other facilities. These mailing lists are what
      you have used it for. Its not 'bothering' anyone.. it's what we do. We
      are happy to help, exchange info, share what we know or have access to,
      because that's what the mailing lists were established for.... Feel
      free to ask questions, need additional help, etc. We were all green at
      one time, and we are anxious to help other newbies in their search. I
      believe that 'what goes around, comes around', and it has come around
      to me many many times...

      Hang in there.. .if you can get a copy of the death certificate, or
      perhaps a birth certificate, you'll get a mountain of info that will
      help you search on back through the census.

      Good luck,
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