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  • Ann B. Chambless
    Oct 31, 2006
      Some time ago I printed the 1860 Jackson County census (page by page) from the internet. I also have a copy of the 1860 census index compiled and printed in 1984 by Don C. Keeton, 464 Robertsville Road, Oak Ridge, TN 37830.
      In going through the census page by page, I discovered the following facts:
      1. All of the county east of the village of Scottsboro is shown under the Post Office of Paint Rock. This area includes what we now know as the Mink Creek area, Temperance Hill, Long Hollow, Larkinsville, Limrock, Aspel, Woodville, Kennamer's Cove, the town of Paint Rock, and all of Paint Rock Valley. This means that your ancestor could have been living in what is now the southern or western edge of Scottsboro, and in 1860 their Post Office was listed as Paint Rock.
      2. An 1860 census enumerator did not venture on Cumberland Mountain which covers what we now know as Letcher, Skyline, Crow Mountain, and Pleasant Grove. Remember there were NO paved roads then, and travel across Cumberland Mountain would have been difficult, even on horseback.
      NOTE: This is why Soloman Wininger is not found on the 1860 Jackson County census.
      3. The area covered by the census taker and enumerated as Scottsboro is a very small area and did not branch out very far from what is now the downtown public square. It did not cover what we know today as the east side of Scottsboro. For example, I live 3 miles east of the court house in downtown Scottsboro, and the Post Office for people who lived where I live now were recorded with Bellefonte as their P.O.
      4. The breakdown of other areas in the county (other than Paint Rock and Scottsboro Post Offices were:
      (a) Bellefonte which covered the area east of Cumberland Mountain to the west side of the Tennessee River and an area 5 to 6 miles north of old Bellefonte.
      (b) Coffee Town covered the Langston area south to the Marshall County line.
      (c) Big Coon picked up where Bellefonte area ended and basically covered Township 3, Ranges 4 and 5.
      (d) Stevenson covered a wide area and picked up where Big Coon ended. The Stevenson P.O. area covered what we know today as Bass, Little Coon, Rash, old Bolivar, and Yucca. This area covered the houses between the west side of Sand Mountain all the way to the Tennessee state line near Bass.
      (e) Bridgeport Post Office covered the area between the Tennessee state line and Stevenson. It included the areas surrounding present-day Bridgeport and included the areas around Russell Cave, Jeffries Cove, and Mount Carmel.
      (f) Long Island Post Office was east of the Tennessee River opposite Bridgeport. The few houses located on the top of the northernmost section of Sand Mountain were also covered in the Long Island group.
      (g) Rustic Bower Post Office covered the present-day Rosalie area of Sand Mountain.
      (h) Lyonville was south of Rustic Bower/Rosalie and would have covered the area surrounding present-day Pisgah and Dutton.
      (i) Straight Creek Post Office covered the area around present-day Section and ran all the way to the points where Jackson County joins DeKalb and Marshall Counties.

      Ann B. Chambless

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