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  • pugblondie
    Jun 15, 2006
      --- In jacksongenealogy@yahoogroups.com, "Michaele Swiderski"
      <msbs05@...> wrote:
      > I'm new to researching in Jackson County and could use some advice. My
      great grandfather was Andrew Jackson Steel. He was convicted of murder
      and sent to prison where he died about a year later. Andrew was born Oct
      1883 up on Keith Springs MT in Franklin County. He is son of Levi Steel
      and unknown Oder. On 1930 census He is living in jackson County with
      sons George and James and their children.
      > 1930 census Trenton, Jackson, Alabama
      > Andrew 48, manager sawmill, TN, TN, TN
      > Ida 49, AL, TN, AL
      > George 26, laborer sawmill, AL, TN, AL (son)
      > Ethel 7, AL, AL, AL (granddaughter)
      > Thomas 6, AL, AL, AL (grandson)
      > James L. 21,TN, TN,TN (son)
      > Mattie B. Kindred 21,TN, TN, TN (daughter)
      > Mildred 2,TN, TN, TN (granddaughter)
      > I don't know exactly when murder occurred, but my father and aunt
      remember going to funeral while small children. My aunt was born in 1938
      and my father in 1935. For them to remember the event I'm guessing my
      aunt had to be at least 4 or 5 years old which puts in around 1943.
      Andrew died in prison so there is surely a death certificate, but I
      don't know how to search for it without a date. I live in Chattanooga
      and can search microfilms at the library here by year and county and
      find records, but I don't know where to do that kind of searching in AL.
      I don't know where he went to prison, so don't know what county he would
      have died in. He is buried at Keith Springs Mountian, Franklin County
      TN, but there is no marker for him or his first wife Emma who is
      supposed to be beside him. I contacted the man who keeps the records and
      he met us at the cemetery. They had no record of the year he was buried
      and the lot he was supposed to be in has the marker for his son George
      on it, so I wasn't able to learn anything there. I went to Scotsboro
      court house and they had a record of him being in court in 1939, but
      those records were missing and I think it was too early to be the murder
      case. I searched newspapers around the date, but came up with nothing. I
      would think a murder case would make the paper. Does anyone have any
      advice on how I could find his prison record, death cert, or newspaper
      accounts. I don't mind spending hours searching if I just had an idea
      where I should go. I'm hoping his death cert. might give the name of his
      mother. All I have on her is the last name Oder (from brother James
      Valentine Steele's death cert.) and that she was from Missouri from the
      census records. Andrew's second wife was named Ida and she lived long
      after Andrew, but no one remebers where she is buried. She was a
      step-mom to my grandfather, but she raised him since he was 5 so really
      like a mom. My father said they visited her often and they've told me
      many stories of her, but they don't know where her funeral was and I
      can't find her on any cemetery listings in Jackson. Would appreciate any
      help, advice, thoughts or ideas on how to continue my search. Also I
      have access to TN death certs and would be happy to help someone else if
      they need a search done.
      > Thanks Michaele
      > [Non-text portions of this message have been removed]

      I'm old and tired, please summerize for me what exactly you are looking
      for besides Ms. Oder's first name. I found Levi and Andrew on the 1900
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