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    Mar 15, 2006
      Clay do u know enything on bird guinn it is told that she is my ggganut i'm scopose to have a picture of her some where here i hope i have not lost it i would also like to find info on lizziebeth farr to she married william farr thanks sue

      clay gullatt <blackcloud27030@...> wrote:

      Don't know if this is your Douglass Sharp or not.

      1930 Lincoln Co. TN
      Earnest Sharp Head 34 mar.20yrs AL AL AL Farmer
      Margaret Wife 34 mar.20yrs TN TN TN
      Douglass Son 13 AL AL TN Farm Lab.
      Lawrence Son 10 AL AL TN
      Hallice Son 8 AL AL TN
      Lillian Dau 6 AL AL TN
      Lewis 0months TN AL TN
      Loise 0months TN AL TN

      Nothing on Mary Morris.

      Following is on Joseph Wheeler Sharp and his relatives.

      1900 Hollywood, Jackson Co. AL

      House 252 Family 252
      William Sharp Head Jan 1853 47 Wd AL AL NC Farm
      George Son Mar 1881 19 AL AL AL Farm Lab
      Frank Son Apr 1883 17 AL AL AL Farm Lab
      Wheeler Son May 1885 15 AL AL AL Farm Lab (note: Indexed as Wheeles)
      Parthina Dau Apr 1892 8 AL AL AL
      Robert Son Jun 1889 5 AL AL AL
      Shabz Sharp Mother Jun 1821 79 Wd NC AL AL

      I think that Mary Emma Gullatt who married James William Sharp belongs with this line.

      !900 Scottsboro, Jackson Co. AL
      House 23 Family 23
      William Sharp Head Mar 1879 21 AL AL AL Farmer
      Emma Sep 1882 17 AL AL AL (Mary Emma Gullatt)
      Gordon A. May 1900 0months AL AL AL

      1860 Township 3 Range 6East Jackson Co. AL

      Shaba Sharp 32 Laborer AL
      Mary M. 6 AL
      William 3 AL

      A. J. Taylor m. Shebe Sharpe 07 May 1861 Jackson Co. AL Justice of the Peace J. C. Tinney OS Page 134

      I think this is the same William Sharp.

      William H. Sharp m. Margaret Steward Jackson Co. AL 04 Jun 1877 Justice of the Peace Z. C. Kennemer OS Page 86

      Wm. Henry Sharp d. Jackson Co. Nov 1927 Vol 45 Roll 2 Page 22304

      J.W. Sharp d. 31 May 1948 Jackson Co.AL Vol 2 Cert. 12777 Roll 4

      1910 Tupelo 13 Pct. Jackson Co. AL

      Joseph W. Sharp Head 22 Mar.Once 5yr AL AL AL Farmer
      Susie Wife 20 Mar.Once 5yr 2Child/2Living AL AL AL
      Otis Son 3 AL AL AL
      ???? F. Son 9months AL AL AL

      1910 Hollywood, Jackson Co. AL
      House 214 Family 219
      William Sharp 56 Mar.2 10yrs AL AL AL Laborer Slat Mill
      Nannie Wife 35 Mar.3 10yrs 4Child/3Living AL AL AL
      Verna Dau 7
      G. Albert Son 4
      Parlee Dau 2

      House 12 Family 12
      J. William Sharp 28 mar.once 11 yrs AL AL AL Laborer Slat Mill
      Emma 27 mar.one 11yrs 3Child/3Living AL AL AL This is Mary Emma Gullatt)
      Gordon Son 9
      Roy Son 5
      Clamie W. son 2

      1910 Tupelo Jackson Co. AL

      House 3 Family 3
      Joseph W. Sharp Head 22 mar.once 5yrs AL AL AL Farmer
      Susie Wife 20 mar.once 5yrs 2Child/2Living AL AL AL
      Otis Son 3
      ???? F. Son 9months

      1920 Scottsboro Pct, Jackson Co. AL

      House 105 Family 106
      Wheeler Sharp Head 32 Farmer
      Susie Wife 30
      Odis Son 13
      Frank Son 10
      Ollie Dau 7
      Howard Son 5
      Grady Son 0months

      House 106 Family 107
      Frank Sharp Head 34 Farmer
      Almytie Wife 30
      Birdie Dau 13
      Gladis Dau 9
      Stella Dau 2yrs 8months

      1920 Hollywood Jackson Co. AL

      House 375 Family 388
      William Sharp 63 Farmer
      Nanie Wife 44
      Virnie Dau 17
      Albert Son 14 Farm Lab
      Parlee Dau 12
      Hermon Son 6
      Rosa Dau 4yrs 3months

      House 335 Family 335
      Will Sharp 41 Farmer
      Emma 38 (Emma Gullatt)
      Gordon Son 19 Farm Lab
      Virgle Son 14 Farm Lab
      Clama? Son 11
      Homer Son 8
      Claude Son 5
      Thurman Son 2yrs 3months

      1930 Beat 7 Pct 21 Scottsboro, Jackson Co. AL

      House 150 Family 154
      Wheeler Sharp 44 Age@1stMar.18 Farmer
      Susie 43 Age@1stMar. 17
      Frank Son 21 Farmer
      Ollie M. Dau 18
      Joe Son 15
      Grady Son 11
      Helen Dau 6
      Margaret Dayu 3yrs ??months

      House 150 Family 155
      Otis Sharp Head 23 Age@1stmar. 20 Lab.Farm
      Kate Wife 20 Age@1stMar. 17
      Edith Dau 1yr ??months
      Bettie J. 3months

      House 151 Family 156
      W. Frank Sharp 46 Lab Gen. Farm
      Almeda?? 46
      Stella Dau 12
      Myrtle Dau 8
      Annie Robinson Mother in Law 79 Wd. AL AL AL

      1930 Hollywood Jackson Co. AL

      Hoouse 23 Family 23
      James W. (William) Sharp 50 Age@1stMar.20 Farmer
      Mary E.(Emma Gullatt) 45 Age@1stMar.17
      Homer Son 19 Farm Lab
      Claud Son 15
      Therman Son 12

      House 25 Family 25
      Gordon A. Sharp 29 Age@1stMar.19 Farmer
      Pearl Age@1stMar.17
      Anna R. Dau 7
      Rosa L. Dau 4

      Could not find the elder William Sharp his wife or the younger children on the 1930.

      Some of the Sharps just disappear from the 1870 and 1880 census have not found them in any state.


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