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5687Re: [jacksongenealogy] Info for All Members

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  • clay gullatt
    Jun 16 5:19 AM
      The Guntersville Flooded Cemetery File compiled
      by Will Peek from NARA Sources and the Jackson
      Co. Mega CemFile compiled by Mark Klan for
      ALGENWEB soures is now at the group home site
      under LINKS so I will no longer be sending them
      unless requested.

      There are sections to upload you photos, bible
      records and other documents at the group home
      site. This is a good way to ensure they are not
      lost. I am sure that many of us would like to see
      your old photos of ancestors and Jackson County.

      Another way is to upload them at your family
      surname message board at www.rootsweb.com a free
      site. If you want to see any old photos of the
      Gullatts and their family bibles they are on the
      Gullatt surname message board.

      Visit our group home site that Richard Matthews
      our group owner maintains and see what is new.

      Another matter is, some time ago Richard asked
      for opinions on being allowed to add attachments
      to messages posted on our group. I would like
      comments on that please.

      The attachments would be strictly restricted to
      things of a genealogical and historical nature
      that pertain to Jackson County and it families.
      No politics and no religion unless it is of a
      historical nature and directly pertains to
      someone in Jackson County. The fact that your
      ancestor was a minister of a church or your
      ancestor held a political office would be of
      interest and permitted, what beliefs they held
      and the details of their politics would not be.
      And certainly nothing about politics or religion
      of today, there are other places for that.

      Clay Gullatt
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