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  • cy2allthat
    Mar 2, 2005
      ggreat grandfather: Archibald "Archie" McCarver, born October 1859
      in Bellefonte, Jackson County, Alabama; died after June 13, 1900.
      Married Martha Jerusha Bryant, born December 1847 in Alabama; died
      after June 13, 1900.


      1. James William "Uncle Bud" McCarver, born February 25, 1875 in
      Fackler, Jackson County, Alabama; died February 7, 1965 in
      Bridgeport, Jackson County, Alabama. Married: Elizabeth "Betty"
      Mackin, born July 31, 1871 in Hollywood, Jackson County, Alabama;
      died April 19, 1932. (my great grandparents) Elizabeth's parents
      were: William Hiram E. Mackin, born November 21, 1852 in Knoxville,
      TN; died March 9, 1921 in Hollywood, Jackson County, Alabama. He
      married Mary Baker, born About 1847 in Alabama; died about 1898.
      William & Mary's other children were, William Andrew Jackson Mackin
      born 1873, Nancy Ann Mackin born 1876 she married Arog McCarver,
      Arrina Mackin, Peter Mackin born 1885, Hiram E. Mackin born 1889.
      William also had a second wife.

      2. Sarah Anne MccCarver, born about 1877 in Jackson County, Alabama.

      3. Joe Rufus McCarver, born April 1883 in Jackson County, Alabama.

      James & Elizabeth's children:
      1. Child McCarver

      2. Canzaty "Canna" Ruth McCarver, born 1893, died 1923. She married
      George Rorex.

      3. Mary Eva Lu McCarver, born 1894, died 1984. She married Charles

      4. Allie McCarver, born 1897, died 1985. She married William

      5. Cora McCarver, born 1899, died 1983. She married Miles Lonnie

      6. Nancy A. "Gerusha" McCarver born 1901, died 1955. She married
      Albert Knight.

      7. William McKinley McCarver born 1903, died 1950. He married Eva
      Lou McDonald.

      8. Edward O. McCarver born 1905, died 1981. He married Lillian.

      9. Jesse Rufus McCarver born 1908, died 1981. He married Rhoda
      Bass born 1910, died 1985. (my grandparents) Jesse & Rhoda's son,
      Doyle Glenn McCarver born 1931, died 1991 was my father.

      10. Earnest James McCarver born 1911, died 1982.

      Rhoda Bass' parents: Cam B. Bass born August 4, 1886 in Jackson
      County, Alabama; died April 11, 1930. He married Laura, born
      October 27, 1890; died April 9, 1974 in Winchester, TN.

      Cam's parents: William Bass, born April 1854 in Fackler, Jackson
      County, Alabama; died March 27, 1930 in Hollywood, Jackson County,
      Alabama. He married Sarah Jane Barnes, born April 1856.

      William's parents: Martin Van Buren Bass, born about 1839 in TN.
      He married Nancy Hester, born 1839 in Alabama.

      Would like correspond with anyone related to anyone listed here, or
      if someone knows them.

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