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  • Margie Campbell
    Nov 3, 2003
      Alabama did not become a state until 1819 (22nd state). It became a
      territory in 1817. The first permanent white settlers came in 1702,
      although there are some historians who say 1699.

      Spanish established Mobile in 1702 as the first community. England won
      control in 1763.

      To evade participation in the Rev War many British sympathizers living in
      Georgia moved west into the Alabama section in 1775. Others from Georgia,
      the Carolinas & Virginia followed in 1783. A group of Scotch-Irish who had
      tried farming in TN in 1809 settled in the northern part of Alabama, int he
      rich TN Valley district.

      Since Alabama was not yet a state when your person was born, you will want
      to check to see what the areas were being called during that time. Perhaps
      someone here can tell you where to look for records

      Also, check land boundary maps, as the area that Alabama comprised was
      vastly different than today.

      Hope this helps some.

      I have an old map online at:


      This map will give you an idea of where to look for your person's records.

      Margie Campbell
      Lodi, CA
      Cooridnator for San Joaquin county, CA Saving Graves
      Mail List & Website Host for Iron County Missouri.
      My home page:

      > Message: 1
      > Date: Sun, 2 Nov 2003 13:50:23 EST
      > From: aneatthesweet@...
      > Subject: hopkins family
      > i am searching for a benjamin hopkins born about 1781 in alabama.
      > i believe
      > he had a brother named moses where they parted ways near muscle
      > shoals. he
      > (ben) was married to a judith cope and they had a few children
      > around 1807-1808.
      > any help would be appreciated. thanks
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