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3124Lincoln County, Tennessee Heritage Book

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  • Regina
    Oct 30, 2003
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      I know that several families came through Lincoln County, Tennessee on their
      way to Jackson County as my GOLD family did. Lincoln County is in the
      planning state of putting a Lincoln County Heritage book together like the
      one from Jackson County did.

      Who is eligible to participate?
      A. Present residents of Lincoln County.
      B. Former residents of Lincoln County.
      C. Those with roots in Lincoln County.

      How much may I submit, and what is the cost?
      A. Each household is encouraged to send in 500 words of their family
      genealogy/history and one picture OR
      B. If your ancestors were in Lincoln County on or before 1836, you may
      submit 1000 words and two pictures.
      FREE, FREE

      There will be another meeting in Fayetteville Wednesday before Thanksgiving
      at 12:00 noon Trotters Restaurant Best Western on the by pass.

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