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306Walker family

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  • JDJDdish@xxx.xxx
    Oct 10, 1999
      I sure hope someone out there has some info on the Walker family from Stevenson and Sand Mountain around Pisgah. My father was Sam Walker. My grandfather was
      William Walker, borned 9/16/1853 and died 8/26/1916. My grandmother was Johny McCormick Walker borned in 1886 and died 7/7/1953. My great grandfather was Samuel Walker borned 9/16/1853 and died 2/24/1917. I think he was borned around Cleveland, TN. My great grandmother was Caroline Burton Walker, borned in 1856 and died 1/23/1949. I don't know who my great grandfather's parents were. I do know that either my great grandfather or one of his parents was Cherokee Indian. If anyone has any information, please help. I am at a dead end without more info.
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