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  • Ann Chambless
    Nov 21 2:06 PM
      REFERENCE: Captain James H. Young's Guard Company, Alabama Nitre and
      Mining Corps, Record Group 109, National Archives

      Edward Acklin, Alexander P. Armbrester (captured and died), Jeptha
      Austell, James F. Barnes, Joseph Barnes, John G. Berry, Marion Bowers,
      William L. Brewer, Ira P. Brown, John A. Brown, William J. Brown,
      George W. Burrow (corporal), George W. Campbell, Richard C. Campbell,
      Jesse Coffey, Benjamin F. Derrick (died), James P. Dodson, Newton J.
      Fletcher, Francis Flippin, James A. Gayle, Thomas C. Hall, Harbard M.
      Harwell, Lewis Hembree, Frank Hodges, John T. Hodges, Richard C. Hodges,
      Andrew J. Houk,
      Salathiel Houk (1st sergeant), John D. Jackson, Charles J. Jones
      (corporal), Henry B. Jones, Joseph M. Jones, Levi Jones, Levi B. Jones,
      William F. Jones, Jesse Keel, Moses B. Keel, Samuel M. Keel, Seaborn
      Keel, William W. Keel, John Kennamer, Vincent Kennamer (3rd Lt), Samuel
      H. Latture, Hardy Lewis, Stephen C. Loyd, Wilson Lyons, William P.
      McBride, Calvin W. McCutchen (died), Andrew J. McElyea, Leroy D.
      Mitchell (corporal), James T. Page, William L. Page, Uriah Peters,
      Michael Price, Albert Ragsdale, William T. Reece, Thomas B. Renfroe,
      David Rousseau, David T. Rousseau (sergeant), William Leroy Rounsavall,
      William J. Sanders, John B. Scott, George W. Selby (corporal), Robert F.
      Selby, James Sims, Andrew W. Skelton (sergeant), Samuel D. Smart,
      William W. Stephens, William G. Stephens (2nd Lt), James Swafford, John
      Swafford, William C. Thomas, James J. Tipton, Isaac Newton Whitecotton
      (1st Lt), James Wilborn, Starnes W. Wilborn, Aaron W. Woosley
      (sergeant), Johnson Woosley, and James Harvey Young (Captain.)

      NOTE: After serving in Capt. Young's company, some of these men served
      in other regiments later in the Civil War.
      J. H. Stephens was captured "near Gadsden" on July 18, 1864, and held at
      Camp Douglas until June 17, 1865. Lewis Hembree was captured September
      12, 1863, in Jackson County, AL, and held at Camp Morton, Indiana "until
      transferred for exchange on Feb 26, 1865." James H. Stephens was later
      in Mead's Battalion, captured, and died at Camp Chase, Ohio. Seaborn
      Keel was also later in Mead's 25th Cavalry Battalion.

      NOTE 2:
      Some of the locals who hauled for the Sauta works included:
      David Kennemore, Jeremiah L. French, William J. Brown, J. F. Martin,
      Alexander Finney,
      Joel P. Ledbetter, John Vernon, S. D. Tanner, and S. F. Kennamer.
      Dr. James M. Buchanan (of Larkinsville at the time) served as the Sauta
      Cave mining works doctor. Between January and May 1863, Dr. Buchanan
      made at least 19 visits to the cave and one visit to the adjacent potash
      works, presumably the one on Gunter Mountain. His total bill for all
      these visits came to $90.00. The doctor vaccinated 12 men and
      provided a bottle of paregoric.

      Ann B. Chambless, Editor, JACKSON COUNTY CHRONICLES published quarterly
      by the Jackson County Historical Association, P. O. Box 1494,
      Scottsboro, AL 35768
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