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16485Re: [jacksongenealogy] Little Cove Cemetery

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  • John Green
    Apr 19, 2014
      For whatever its worth, Little Cove Road is access road to  McMullin Road which goes around the base of Keel Mountain on the eastern and southern sides.

      John M. Green
      On Apr 17, 2014, at 9:51 PM, P smith wrote:


      Priscilla Keel, daughter of Jesse (Jett)and Elvira McCartney Keel is buried in "Little Cove" cemetery.  Priscilla's husband was buried in the Jenkins cemetery you mention.  It seemed odd that as they died one month apart one would be buried in one cemetery and one in another but that's what is on their death records.
      Thanks to all you replied.
      pat smith

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      Date: Thu, 17 Apr 2014 20:50:35 -0500
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      There is a Little Cove Road close to Gurley in Madison County. It runs through the Hampton Cove neighborhood now. On this road is Jenkins Cemetery, which is an old cemetery in the area. Could this be the cemetery in question?  A neighborhood has built up around the cemetery, but it still rests in a clump of trees there in the middle of all those houses. For years, it could be accessed from Little Cove Road, but now to get to it, you have to drive into the neighborhood and go in the back of the cemetery. I'm sorry but I don't know the neighborhood name.  I grew up in New Hope but have lived in Texas for many years. One of the families buried in the cemetery is the Childress family, and Hugh Martin Childress was the sweetheart of my g-grandmother, Hester Chandler. He was killed in the Battle of Baton Rouge on August 5, 1862, and Hester married Thomas Carpenter in 1863. I had to search for the cemetery about 12 years ago and then again 2 years ago.

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      It is not listed either in Jackson, Madison, DeKalb, Etowah or Marshall County in my cemeteries book. Perhaps someone in the Group knows where Little Cove is?


      From: P smith
      To: "jacksongenealogy@yahoogroups.com"
      Sent: Thursday, April 17, 2014 6:24 PM
      Subject: [jacksongenealogy] Little Cove Cemetery

      I was wondering if anyone could tell me where Little Cove Cemetery is located?  I am not sure if it is in Jackson or Madison Co., AL...
      Thank you in advance.  pat smith

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