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16428Another Way to Look Up Jackson County Cemeteries

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  • blackcloud27030
    Feb 22, 2014

      Another way to look up Jackson County Cemeteries (or any other county cemeteries in any state) is go to findagrave.com after clicking on Search Grave Records, on the left hand side click on Cemetery Lookup, don't enter a name, click on Enter a State List, click on Alabama then click on County List, click on Jackson.

      There are 400 Cemeteries listed for Jackson Co. many more than on the MegaCemJacksonAll File. Many of them are for very small cemeteries with only 1 to 10 burials. It will takes days to go through the lists to see which ones are not on the MegaCemJacksonAll File and even longer to get the names and burials transferred to the File.

      You can do this for any state and county.