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16365Thomas Family of Dpran's Cove

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  • Jerry Triplett
    Dec 26, 2013
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      Well, I see I should proof ready a little more carefully, so I'm going to resend a previous email so I don't appear totally illiterate.

      For some time now, I have been doing Internet research on the family of Joseph Thomas that came to Doran's Cove and settled in 1818.  I would  like to find others that are doing current research.  I also would like to find descendants or others that have pictures, letters, or other documents of the children and their families.  Certainly some must exist.

      The children were:

      Sarah             b. 1819
      Tabitha          b. 1821
      Alexander     b. 1822
      Archibald         b. 1825
      Elizabeth         b. 1827
      Ruhama         b. 1829
      Houston         b. 1832
      Lawler         b. 1835
      Lucinda         b. 1836
      Joseph         b. 1840
      Mason         b. 1843
      Vinney         b. 1844

      If we have a common interest, please send me a note.

      Jerry T in Chattanooga
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