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  • waccess@bellsouth.net
    Jul 17, 2013
      Unfortunately, with genealogy DNA testing, we can't do that. We order and pay for the testing kits, which have the swabs in them. The relative swabs his/her cheek and sends the kit back. Then the company analyzes the swabs, and we get the results. In some cases, I've split the cost of the kits with other relatives who are interested too. That makes the tests reasonable. The last one we did on my mother's father's line, we split four ways, so that really brought the cost down.

      I think I've heard or read that if you buy the correct kind of swabs, you can save the DNA for later analysis, but that was for medical or some other testing, not genealogy. Wish we could do it that way. I'd have everybody possible tested. :-)

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      > Another thought regarding this: "I'm trying to get everyone possible tested before we all die out."
      > For those who can't afford the testing right now - it's going to continue to get cheaper and better. If there are people you're concerned about getting tested that you just can't get tested now and you're concerned they may be gone later, I don't know if they use cheek swabs or what for these tests, but if it is cheek swabs, I would think you could take some now and wrap them up good and freeze them and then test them in the future. Might also be worthwhile to save some of their hair. Anyone who is more knowledgeable, please chime in, I'm just throwing out ideas.
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