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  • waccess@bellsouth.net
    Jul 16, 2013
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      I don't know Waynette. Check with 23 and me to see why that happened. We have family lore that our GGGG grandmother was Cherokee, and parts of the family have a GG grandmother who we KNOW was Cherokee; however, none of our male cousins tested for the Indian gene. Of course, since the y-DNA follows the father's line, that can be explained, and there may be several explanations for this. It's possible that the European genes have diluted the Cherokee genes so much that it doesn't show up. I, also, read a study that tested a group of known Cherokees, and none had the normal Indian gene. The theory is that the Cherokees did not migrate to North America the way the other Indian groups did. They think they might have come from Scandinavia long before other Europeans came here, probably slowly coming south from Canada on the East Coast. These Scandinavians could have been intermarried with Native Americans who were already here. Supposedly, some of the original Cherokees had blue eyes and lighter hair, so that may explain it.

      This DNA stuff is interesting and has made great progress in the last few years. I expect we'll see more and more progress in the next few years. I'm trying to get everyone possible tested before we all die out. Unfortunately, so far, we haven't found a direct female descendent from our GGGG grandmother, the Cherokee, but we're still looking. I'm, also, looking for a direct male descendent of my GG grandfather, Akillis Stapp, who was in Jackson County (now Madison County) from about 1830ish to 1855-1856, but so far, all we've found are females who are still living.

      I'd love to find, Malinda, his wife's family too. We THINK her last name was possibly Carroll or Campbell, but that's a guess. If it was Carroll, then she may have had a brother, Logan Carroll, who was in Jackson County in 1850, but he seems to have disappeared after that. If anyone knows about these Stapps/Stepps/Steps or Carrolls or Campbells, I love to hear from you.

      --- In jacksongenealogy@yahoogroups.com, "Waynette Davis" <wmddavis@...> wrote:
      > I have done the 23and Me testing for dna and so far am pleased with it,
      > though in a learning curve to get more out of it.
      > I did it for my brother and myself, having no living parents. It was nice
      > to have my native Indian confirmed and very interesting that
      > It showed up on mine and not my brothers since the Cherokee (of which I am
      > personally positive) is from my father's side. Did my
      > Brother get none of it?
      > Waynette
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