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15988Elkins / Powell From Paint Rock

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  • heatherbacon79
    May 22, 2013
      Dear All,

      This is my first post. I will try to be short and sweet but also try to use Genealogy etiquette.

      I am looking for my Grandmother's, Margaret HILL DILLINGHAM, father's side of her family. My grandmother swore up and down that her father was half Indian and her mother was half Indian. Well, that theory is busted, her mother's side was from England. But, I have yet to find her Father's side. I don't know if my grandmother really had Indian blood or if she went to a Pow Wow as a little girl and thought "well darn, I guess I am Indian."

      Charlie Monroe HILL B. 1881 is her father. He married Ada BUSBY in TX. Charlie is said to have been born in Paint Rock, Alabama. On Charlie's death cert, it list his Mother as MATTIE ELKINS and her Father as J H HILL.

      As the story goes, Mattie and J H married in 1976, on the marriage cert it list them as MATHRA J ELKINS and JOSEPH HILL. They had Charlie Monroe in 1881 and Lucinda Hill 1884 and sometime after Lucy, Mattie died during child birth. The baby was given to the Elkins family to raise and the HILL family moved to Texas. J H Hill later remarried a woman named Mary PARKER and had a number of children.

      Yesterday, while looking for the connection in Paint Rock, I came across Information about Martha. There was a family by the name of POWELL. There was a post from another forum that said there was a CHARITY UPTON and her husband is LEWIS POWELL, Lewis Powell died and Charity married an ELKINS.

      From what I heard, The Powell kids took the last name of ELKINS and the kicker is... Martha's brother was named CHARLES MONROE POWELL ELKINS... So, I am guessing Martha named her son after her brother.

      If anyone has any information about this family from Paint Rock, it would help me soooo much.

      Thank you,