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15863Re: [jacksongenealogy] DNA Testing and Paternity

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  • Kyle Davenport
    Dec 29, 2012
      You don't say if the offspring was a male. If the male had a Y
      chromosome matching the father, he could not get that from his
      mother. Of course, he would also match any male related to the father
      and having the same surname.

      If you could do an autosomal DNA test on the son or daughter , whoever
      that might be, they would have an unusually high fraction of homozygous
      alleles. They would have long stretches of chromosomes where both arms
      of the chromosome ( pairs of markers) were identical. This would be
      like the test on gedmatch.com called "Are your parents related to each

      If instead you have only grandchildren or great-grandchildren to test,
      the result would be much less definitive - but still detectable.


      On 12/29/2012 03:17 PM, Karl Plenge wrote:
      > I understand what DNA is and some of the concepts, but I know there
      > are some folks on this list who know a lot more than me, so...
      > There is a family I am researching where a teenaged girl became
      > pregnant in the early 1900's. There is some suspicion that her father
      > may have been the culprit.
      > I know that DNA testing doesn't answer anything conclusively, only
      > gives a probability, but if the father was, indeed the culprit, would
      > there probably be clues in the DNA that, if one of the descendants was
      > tested, could say it likely did or did not happen?
      > Thanks in advance for whatever information you are able to share.

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