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15851[jacksongenealogy] Consumption -- 1880's

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  • Pat Foster
    Dec 18, 2012
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      The 1880 census might would show residents of a hospital, etc., if you can find it---might be in a neighboring county?

      Especially since Jerry Triplett’s family member died in August, 1880. Most census were taken before that late in the year.

      Pat Foster

      In Oklahoma

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      I had a relative who died of consumption in 1899. He was taken to Section,AL and then New Mexico. I would assume there was a home for people with TB at Section but I doubt it would be anything like a hospital. I know they tried to change climates to fight it and probably the only places to do that in that area were at higher altitudes.

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      Subject: [jacksongenealogy] Consumption -- 1880's

      I have an ancestor that was born near Bridgeport about 1830. I cannot find her in the 1880 census but I'm sure she died in Aug 1880. In the 1880 Census (taken in June) her husband is shown as living, obviously, and is shown as married. Death records show her as dying from consumption (TB) in Aug 1880.

      Was there any kind of home or TB hospital in Jackson County in the 1880's? The one page of the death register where I found her indicates that a fair number were dying from TB at that time.

      Jerry in Chattanooga

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