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  • Jo Ann
    Jan 12, 2012
      Hello, I am new to your group. My name is Jo Ann. I am researching Beasleys. My mom was a Beasley. I have traced our line back to Also Watson Beasley, and I am stuck. The first I see of him is in Jackson County Alabama, he had land patents in 1835 and 1838. I know he was born in Virginia. I know where he went after he left Alabama.

      I want to know who his parents were and who his wife's (Charlotta)parents were.

      I have been studying the land patents trying to get myself unstuck. Hoping to find a family connection for Also Watson Beasley.

      I want to know who Jonathan Thomas Beasley is. He had a land patent with the same #'s as Also Watson Beasley's and they both purchased the same day.... 9-10-1838. I figure they must be related some way.

      I also want to know who Josiah Beasley is. He is one of the earliest Beasley's I see with a land patent. His was 7-1-1831

      I also want to know who Ransom Beasley is. He is on a land patent dated 1830.

      I also want to know who Joseph and Lydia Beasley are and how they connect to Also W Beasley. They were born in GA and had William, Reuben, and Elizabeth.

      I know there is some connection between Also Watson Beasley and Joiner Gentry. Joiner shows up in the same cemetery as Also Watson Beasley's family (in TN)Does anyone have any idea what the connection between the Gentry's and the Beasley's is? Joiner's land patent was 6-1-1831. The Gentry's were in TN in Jackson County prior to showing up in Alabama.

      Can any of you help me get unstuck?

      Also Watson Beasley was born about 1805 in Virginia he married Charlotta who was born in TN about 1815
      Their first child was born in 1838
      They had 5 children Nancy, Mary, William, Virginia, Victoria
      Also married again later and had other kids.