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  • billy hill
    Jan 7, 2011
      hi fran and thank you for responding. id love to find some of my hill and
      sanders kin in al but i dont think im kin to your hills. my ggfather was thomas
      hill but born in 1858 i think. his son john franklin is my grandfather born in
      paint rock in 1883. my grand mother is eva jane sanders born in paint rock in
      1886. they both lived in the paint rock valley up and down what is now highway
      65. im trying to write a family history so if you know any of my family please
      put them in touch with me. thank you again. bill hill

      From: Fran Hill <fhill2@...>
      To: jacksongenealogy@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Thu, January 6, 2011 10:26:40 PM
      Subject: RE: [jacksongenealogy] WHO WAS PEARL BILLINGTON'S HUSBAND - A COSBY

      Bill—is your family related to a Jackson County AL Hill family whose earliest
      ancestor I can trace is a Thomas Allen Hill b. about 1808 in TN—he marries Nancy
      Unknown, also born in TN about 1810. They are said to move to the area outside
      Bridgeport in their late teens or early twenties and have the first of their 9
      children, Ellis G. Hill, in 1828. Other children include Martha, James,
      Angelina, Thomas Jefferson, Manda, Crissie, Louisa and Sophrona. I have a few
      more names and dates I am happy to provide if these names ring any bells.

      Some of Thomas and Nancy’s descendants do move to Texas about the time you say
      your family did. I know there is more than one Hill family line living in
      Bridgeport area around this time, but I am not able to keep them all straight.
      Despite lots of digging over the years, I haven’t been able to find any earlier
      connection to Thomas Allen and Nancy, even though I believe I am closely related
      to these two through some NC/Tennessee Hill lines. I ‘d be tremendously grateful
      for any suggestions or leads. Many thanks and Happy New Year to you all! Fran

      From: jacksongenealogy@yahoogroups.com [mailto:jacksongenealogy@yahoogroups.com]
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      Sent: Thursday, January 06, 2011 4:41 PM
      To: jacksongenealogy@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: Re: [jacksongenealogy] WHO WAS PEARL BILLINGTON'S HUSBAND - A COSBY

      write to danny russell in sunset, texas. he is my cousin and his family has been

      postmasters in montague county for years. our family moved from jackson county
      al to montague co. tx in 1912. he or his dad kenneth russell may be able to help

      you. bill hill

      From: TOM F DUNKLIN <dunk1432@... <mailto:dunk1432%40verizon.net> >
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      Cc: Billington@... <mailto:Billington%40rootsweb.com> ;
      Crosby@... <mailto:Crosby%40rootsweb.com> ;

      jacksongenealogy@yahoogroups.com <mailto:jacksongenealogy%40yahoogroups.com>
      Sent: Thu, January 6, 2011 1:49:26 PM
      Subject: [jacksongenealogy] WHO WAS PEARL BILLINGTON'S HUSBAND - A COSBY

      Still searching and not much success. I really need to hear from someone able to

      help me with my search. Is it possible that I've spent hour after hour
      looking for the wrong Pearl? The fact that the Cosby line is shown in vital
      records as both COsby and CRosby hasn't helped, either. I'm looking for Frank
      Cosby/Crosby's wife & children without much success. Until recently, Frank was
      last found living in the home of his father, Hugh/Uriah W, on the 1900 Jackson
      Co AL census. Frank's mother's maiden name was WILSON.

      A Cosby Bible shows that Frank Cosby, born ca 1882 in AL, was married to a lady
      named Pearl. There is no maiden name given. It also shows that they had 2
      children named Thomas J and Marie. If I've found the right children, Thomas J
      was born ca 1924 in TX and Marie in 1923 in OK. A notation in that bible said
      that Pearl was probably still alive and that she would, at that time, be 90
      years old. If I have the right Pearl, these notations to the bible were probably

      made ca 1980.

      Here is what I have found about Pearl.......if, in fact, I have the right Pearl:

      Pearl Billington, d/o John Lewis Billington and Sallie Lula Price Billington.
      She was born ca 1890 in TX, probably around Montague County, and died in 1986.
      She married a COsby or CRosby man ca 1916, unknown where. I can not find Frank
      or Pearl in a 1920 census but I do find her in 1930 living with her parents
      in Jackson Co, OK. Also shown are children, Thomas J CRosby and Marie CRosby.
      There goes the spelling thing, again! I discover that Frank COsby died in 1949
      in Kern Co CA and the record shows that his mother's maiden name is Wilson. This

      is proof to me that this is the right Frank. After much looking, I find a Pearl
      COsby buried in Kern Co CA in Greenlawn Cemetery with the right dates. I also
      find a Thomas J COsby buried in the same cemetery, as well. Again, the dates
      match. I have not yet been able to find where Frank or Marie are buried. I have
      found Pearl's death record in Kern Co CA and it gives her father's surname as
      Billington and her mother as Price. I've found her Social Security record; it
      says that it was issued in CA before 1951 and that her last address was in Kern

      Co CA. The birth and death dates match Pearl.

      To me, this all pretty much assumes that Frank COsby/CRosby was married to Pearl

      Billington, except......researchers seem to think that Pearl's husband was named

      Thomas Cosby. I've found nothing to indicate that his name could have been
      Thomas Frank and I've found nothing to indicate that Frank's name was Thomas
      Frank. So far, I've found no record with both Pearl's name and her husband's
      name on the same document. The only thing I've found is a 1920 census showing a
      T H COZBY and a Pearl COZBY. They are living in Oklahoma City, OK and have no
      children. If this is really Pearl Billington Cosby/Crosby, that would be due to
      the fact that Thomas J and Marie haven't yet been born. And if this is really
      Pearl Billington, then her husband's name seems to be T. H. and I don't see how
      the name of Frank fits in.

      There is such confusion here and the spelling of Cosby/Crosby has been such a
      hinderance. I really need help. Have I spent such a long, long time searching
      for the wrong Pearl? Oh, I hope not!

      Any and all help/suggestions/theories would be much appreciated.


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