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13949Re: [jacksongenealogy] Joseph Thomas

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  • nsiler504@aol.com
    Oct 2, 2010
      Jerry, do the names Charles M West and Peggy Dean Holder ring a bell?
      That is the only connection I could find this morning. There are probably
      more but I am pressed for time.

      I actually teach in Chattanooga at a private school.

      Are you the nephew or something to Miss Lena Lee?

      The best source of information for the Thomas family is at the Heritage
      House behind the square in Scottsboro, Alabama. There my cousin Dot Bean
      connected me to Ben Thomas. Ben will not use a computer and laughed at me
      because I lost lots of info when my computer was struck by lightning. I had
      to retype things and still am not finished.

      I knew that my maternal grandmother had been reared by Uncle George Thomas
      who was married to her Aunt Tennie. What I didn't know until Dot, Ben and
      I compared information was that my paternal grandfather descended from the
      Thomas line. That is probably how they met. My grandmother was taken by
      the Thomas family after her mother died in childbirth. Daddy always
      thought of them as his true grandparents and knew little about his mother's
      actual paternal side. Aunt Tennie was a Choate from New Hope---probably the
      Alabama side.

      I have the Choate family Bible. The information that Ben and I have
      collected is stored in the Heritage House. Whenever there are updates we try to
      take it there. With my teaching schedule I find it difficult to get
      there. The time change is part of it.

      The information at the Heritage is backed by names of people. Some have
      recollection from personal knowledge and others have family Bibles. There
      are copied pictures with this documentation.

      The major thing that I discovered is that those whom I thought were family
      friends were actually family.

      I have two pictures of Mary Margarette "Maggie" Thomas Payne. She was my
      dad's grandmother. I only discovered that in the last few years when
      looking through old pictures of my parents. On the back, in my childish
      handwriting, I had written Grandma Maggie Daddy's grandmother. In one of the
      pictures are her husband and children with a couple of extra children. I would
      not take anything for it.


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