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  • jean copeland
    Oct 2, 2010
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      Jerry - you may not remember, but a couple of years ago, you sent me information on the Thomas family.  My great grandmother, Ruhama Catherine Payne, father was Archibald Thomas, whose father I believe was Joseph Thomas.  In Grandmother Paynes death news clipping of May 29, 1930, it mentioned that her grandfather came directly from Ireland.in early pioneer days settling in Doran's Cove.  In the last few years, I have had major personal problems, which culminated in my husband's death of lung cancer
      April 12, 2010.  So, my ancestry investigation was put on hold.  When I saw your post, I would really like to see the bible records, too.  I live in Arkansas right outside of Jonesboro and don't travel a lot by myself.  If it would not be too much trouble, could you let me know some of the information that you get in Bridgeport?  It would be appreciated. 
      Jean Copeland

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      Nancy: You and I have communicated, maybe by phone or possibly by email. And I realize that you live there in the Cove. I did not realize that you descended from the Thomas family. Nor that bible records existed. This winter I would like to come see you. I have talked to the woman that owns both Jacks's and Les's farms and I want to go to see if we can spot where the original cabin was and take pictures of both farms.

      Also, I heard a good part of life that the family had Cherokee blood but I now really doubt it. Comments?

      Jerry Triplett

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      I have information about Joseph Thomas. My father is descended from this line. Some of the early information is from census records and old Bibles. Some is only rumor handed down from generation to generation.

      We are probably descended from people in Wales and whether it was Ky or not is a question. Property lines and state divisions were so sketchy that it is probably true.

      On the question of property lines something that has bothered me for about two years. Someone stole the copper marker that divided Tennessee and Alabama in the Doran's Cove-Russell Cave area. How low can some stoop?


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      From: Anne P. Johnson <annedpjohnson@...>
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      Subject: Re: [jacksongenealogy] WHEN ALABAMA became ALABAMA

      I will certainly let you know if I learn anything more about the
      igration from KY to AL. Archibald and his family (he married a
      ilreath) came from Whitley County, KY. They had earlier left Wilkes
      o., NC for KY, so that might be a clue of some sort.

      n Sep 30, 2010, at 10:48 AM, jrytrplt@... wrote:
      To Anne Johnson in response to question about others from KY. One
      Joseph Thomas moved to what would become Montague in Doran's Cove in
      1818. He eventually purchased a small number tracts in the area. In
      a handwritten statement written by a grandson in 1921, the grandson
      indicated that Joseph had come to Doran's Cove from KY. I have never
      been able to determine Joseph's ancestry or exactly where in KY he
      came from. The note goes on to say that greatgrandfather came from
      Wales. I would be interested in any information that you might
      develop concerning migration through KY to TN and AL. Generally, I
      believe there were two basic paths. One was down the TN River valley
      from upper east TN and the other through middle TN into Stewart and
      Humphreys counties. I'm not sure about Warren.

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      Thank you for this wealth of information. We are so lucky to have your
      expertise as part of this list. If my ancestor falls into the category
      below (moved to Jackson Co., before 1830), how would I go about
      researching whether he was a squatter or one of those who bought part
      of a Cherokee reservation? Is there a resource that contains this

      I am researching the Jacoway family. My Archibald Jacoway came to
      Jackson Co., from KY. In April 1818, he is mentioned as Captain of a
      company of militia, Whitley County, KY. In 1820, he is listed in the
      Census for Whitley Co., KY. And then BET 1823 AND 1825, he is Justice
      of the Peace, in Jackson Co., AL. And then in 1837 - "October 26, 1837
      - Seventeen companies (60 to 84 men each) of North Alabama Mounted
      Volunteers commanded by Col. Benjamin Snodgrass responded to a call to
      fight the Seminole Indians in Central FL. The men were mustered in on
      26 oct 1837 and discharged 12 april 1838 at Turkeytown. Captain of
      Company I was Archibald Jacoway." He died in 1844 and is buried in
      Jackson County.

      Also, were there any other families identified as migrating from KY,
      that you know of?

      Thank you,
      Anne Johnson

      On Sep 30, 2010, at 5:34 AM, Ann B. Chambless wrote:

      > IF your ancestors moved to what became Jackson County, AL, before
      > June 1830, they would have been "squatters" UNLESS they bought all
      > some part of one of the Cherokee reservations granted to Cherokee
      > heads
      > of households in 1817 and 1819. Only those reservations granted in
      > simple could be legally sold by the Cherokee reservee.

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