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13227Re: [jacksongenealogy] Looking for a grave: C.M.A.J. SISK

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  • Mark Klan
    Dec 17, 2009
      Amy -

      Thanks for the additional information on CMAJ Sisk and your search.
      Do I correctly infer that your aunt Joy Precise Lard is no longer
      involved in family history? From the Family Record sheets I saw, she
      did indeed do some good work.

      I'm not sure where my mom got the Family Record sheets -- they may
      have been attached to the letters Joy Lard sent to some of the elder
      Precise's (including my grandfather Elmer Precise).

      I also have a copy of the typescript "Precise Family Notes", but I
      forgot that it mentioned a Wesley, brother of CMAJ. I'll have to go
      back to that document and have another look. When I first went
      through it, I determined that there were a fair number of errors, and
      I didn't use it much after that.

      Finally, if you or anyone have information on the parentage of the
      original Jackson County William PRECISE (b. ~1805, Virginia), or the
      maiden name or parentage of his wife Delilah (b. ~1811, Tennessee),
      I'd be very interested in hearing about that. For William, I've seen
      some stuff on a family in Virginia with surname PROCISE that is
      suggestive, but certainly nothing definitive. Delilah is sometimes
      mentioned as a HAWK or HAWKINS, but I've never seen any real evidence
      or sources to confirm.


      On 16 Dec 2009 at 14:58, Amy Christensen wrote:
      > Mark:
      > Joy Precise, who is now Joy Lard, is my aunt, and she most likely
      > got the information from my mom (Eveonne). My mom and she were both
      > very involved in family history in the 70s and did a lot of good
      > work back then. Aunt Bertha died back in 1989, but her memory was
      > unrivaled. The only problem is, my mom doesn't remember where the
      > headstone is, or if she ever saw one. She does remember that Aunt
      > Bertha didn't know what the initials CMAJ stood for, but I'm
      > thinking maybe there was a mixup in the death date. Thus the asking
      > here. Bertha Proctor is Robert Bertha Precise, oldest child of John
      > William Precise, who was a son of Ambrose Lafayette Precise & Phebe
      > Jane Sanders.
      > I didn't know you could look through past messages here, I
      > appreciate you putting the snippet of Rhonda's message on here
      > again. That was from before I even started on family history work,
      > so I wouldn't have seen it.
      > I think I may have narrowed down the family of CMAJ Sisk, with the
      > help of Rhonda Woodard, as I mentioned in another email earlier.
      > It's a tenuous link though. I looked for a Sisk family in Jackson
      > County that had a daughter with a name that started with one of
      > CMAJ's initials born 1844, who had a brother named Wesley (that is
      > from the document "Precise family notes") and came up with the same
      > family that Rhonda had: Willis S Sisk and Francis Nancy Money, with
      > a daughter named Melissa born 1844. I checked on Ancestry and
      > couldn't verify it completely, as none of the family trees had
      > listed Melissa with a spouse or death date. That's as far as I've
      > gotten.
      > Thanks for all the help, I appreciate it!
      > Amy
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      > From: Mark Klan <mark@...>
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      > Sent: Tue, December 15, 2009 5:40:06 PM
      > Subject: Re: [jacksongenealogy] Looking for a grave: C.M.A.J. SISK
      > Amy -
      > I qualify as familiar with C.M.A.J. Sisk, but I don't have any more
      > solid information than you.
      > I do have a photocopy of a handwritten family record sheet prepared
      > by a "Joy Precise" that also shows a death date of 3 Mar 1891. The
      > sheet gives specific sources on CMAJ Sisk as 1) marriage license
      > from
      > Jackson Cty, 2) grave headstone, and 3) "personal knowledge of
      > Bertha
      > Proctor, granddaughter of husband, Route 1, Scottsboro, Ala." I
      > think the sheet was prepared in the 1970s.
      > That death date is only plausible if CMAJ and Ambrose Precise were
      > divorced, but I have no specific knowledge of that. Ambrose married
      > Phebe Jane Sanders in 1868, as you indicated, and later married
      > Cynthia Ann (Kirby) Cobb in 1898.
      > I never located CMAJ (Sisk) Precise in the Jackson County Cemetery
      > Mega File, nor any prior census info on her (although I didn't look
      > hard for the latter).
      > Rhonda Woodard sent a message to this list on 4 Jan 2004, which had
      > the following (snipped):
      > > I am researching Ambrose Precise son of William and Delilah Hawk
      > Precise.
      > > Ambrose married C.M.A.J. Sisk(1865) they had one child Delila
      > born(1866).
      > > This is all that I know about C.M.A.J. Sisk, I cannot locate which
      > of the Sisk
      > > families she is from.
      > That's all I have...
      > Sorry I'm not more help. If you find anything additional, I would be
      > very interested in hearing about it. Ambrose Precise was the brother
      > of my g-g-grandfather John F. Precise.
      > Mark Klan
      > mark *at-sign* markabout.com
      > On 14 Dec 2009 at 20:25, Amy Christensen wrote:
      > > Hello all:
      > >
      > > I'm looking for the headstone for C.M.A.J. Sisk, born 16 Feb 1844
      > in
      > > Jackson County, Alabama. She married Ambrose Lafayette Precise
      > in
      > > 1865 and they had a child, Delila Francis "Deedie" Precise
      > (born
      > > 1866), who later moved to Eastland County, Texas. It seems that
      > she
      > > may have died in childbirth with Deedie, but the death date I
      > have
      > > is 1891, which I really doubt. Ambrose remarried Phebe Jane
      > Sanders
      > > in 1868. C.M.A.J. may have also been called Melissa or Malissa,
      > but
      > > I'm not sure of that.
      > >
      > > I already checked findagrave.com with no luck, but I know she's
      > > buried somewhere in Jackson County. Is anyone familiar with her?
      > > Have any more information on her?
      > >
      > > Thank you so much!
      > > Amy
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