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12480Birth in more than one place

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  • Mary Urban
    May 9 7:14 AM
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      Just had to comment on Ron's query about how a person could be born in 3
      different states.... There are two answers to that: 1) the birth locality
      might have in 3 successive jurisdictions and the respondent answered
      differently but truthfully in 3 census reports and/or 2) the respondent
      might not have known for sure-especially if another member of the family was
      answering the census-taker. I've got an ancestor who reportedly was born in
      NC, TN, SC and VA. I still am not sure which is correct, but pretty sure TN
      is not a possibility, though he lived there awhile. If the census taker
      asked "Where you'all from?" it might have elicited a different response than
      "Where were you born?" But as you can tell, not all census takers focused on
      accuracy! I think researchers, with justification, have a love/hate
      relationship with census takers....

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      Dear Clay,I am also getting older and having aches and pains. Sometime back
      you checked the land records for John Morgan,who lived at Long Island in
      1880. Do the land records tell when a person moved to Jackson County? I was
      looking at census records and I am wondering how the same person could have
      been born in 3 different states?

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      Sent: Wednesday, May 6, 2009 9:15:39 PM
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      Thanks Pat

      I am feeling much better even with all the rain and thunderstorms. We can't
      gripe about that as we have been in a drought.

      When you get old you have to expect some bumps in the road every now and


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      Subject: [jacksongenealogy] Clay
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      Date: Wednesday, May 6, 2009, 8:32 PM

      Has anyone heard from Clay? He said he wasn't feeling well and some of my
      family suffers terrribly from the same thing. I sure hope he is better by
      now. Clay, you will be in my prayers until we hear from you again.


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