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Stanchion Replacement

I can attest to that. In 2010 we took off the mast and boom, removed all stainless, riveted stainless onto freshly painted mast and have had no reoccurrence of
Wayne Cassady
6:49 AM

Mast winches

I was delighted to hear the news that Hall Spars was purchased by North! Their bankruptcy would have meant the end of a great company. Glad to hear you're part
Thomas Keffer
Sep 20

Alternator/regulator options

Thanks all.... great info. Galen On Sun, Sep 17, 2017 at 7:50 PM, William Stellin wstellin@hotmail.com ... -- *Galen D. ToddCamden, ME 04843*
Galen Todd
Sep 18

Standing Rigging Replacement

Hello Barry, I'd say replace it now. Remember that the part you can see is not the part that will fail. Here in San Diego, you could get that done easily, with
Fred Hawes
Sep 14

Source for autopilot quadrant stud

You are talking about the tiller arm for the pilot. Mine is the same as yours with a hairpin. The stud I can't get out is the other one for the wheel. If you
William Stellin
Aug 18

Water tanks / water

Did you take the picture or did the charter people. Might just be bad water from filling them. An easy way to tell if it's from the tanks is to take the
William Stellin
Aug 14

Suds in fresh water

Is the water super hot. Could be boiling and safety valve is not opening. I changed the tanks thermostat to one that only allows hot water at about 110
William Stellin
Aug 14

J-42 Cabin Door Hinge

Located in Racine, WI Good suggestion about a new tread. Thanks, if the someone needs to contact me it is 630-624-6568 Thanks, Conrad Deeter From:
Conrad Deeter
Aug 8
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