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Re: [j4x-owners-group] J/42 propeller shaft seal

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  • William Stellin
    Does you PYI seal have a little hose barb on the non rotating side of the seal with a hose attached that is led above the water line. This obviates the need
    Message 1 of 3 , Jun 15, 2013
      Does you PYI seal have a little hose barb on the non rotating side of the seal with a hose attached that is led above the water line.  This obviates the need for burping.  My first one didn't and I had all kinds of trouble.  I found new models included the water fitting so I complained to them and they sent me a whole new seal free. Never had a problem since.  If you are worried about failure, why not just buy spare parts for what you already have.  I wouldn't go to the trouble to source something that gave you problems before and then rely on it again.
      Regardless of which system you have as a spare, you will have to pull the boat.  I'd keep the replacement task as quick and easy as possible and go with the PYI system.
      Bill. #6

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      On Jun 15, 2013, at 1:32 AM, "getting" <getting@...> wrote:


      Late last summer the original Volvo Penta propeller shaft seal on my J/42, hull no. 76, began to leak quite rapidly, about one drop per second.  I'd run the boat for 7 years not realizing that this seal had to be lubricated, oops.  I replaced the original seal with a PYI PSS Dripless seal as have many before me.  I probably got a bit of debris between the sealing faces when it was burped after launch.  It dripped and sprayed despite careful break-in and slightly increased pre-compression.  It dripped all winter when the boat was in the water unused.

      This spring I burped it "vigorously".  Since then it has sealed perfectly with no leakage what-so-ever.  I've tested it at the dock in forward and reverse at idle and at normal operating engine speeds - no leaks.

      Because of my original problems I am reluctant to take of on a 3-month trip into British Columbia without an alternative seal aboard.

      I would be happy to carry a spare Volvo Penta seal but cannot identify the original.  I find seals for a 30 mm shaft and 48 mm OD stern tube or for a 1 1/4" shaft and a 2 " OD stern tube.  Of course, I have a 30 mm shaft, between the engine and the stern tube, and a 2 " OD stern tube.  See chart below:



      Here is a photo of the original seal:

      Does anyone know if it is still made and what the Volvo Penta part number is?  It needs to fit a 30 mm shaft and at 2 "(51 mm) OD stern tube.

      I have looked at the Tides Marine Sure Seal.  They make one with the correct diameters, but it requires 187 mm of clear, smooth shaft ahead of the stern tube.  Allowing for the coupling flange key-way I have only 170 mm - not enough room.

      Any other ideas?

      Ivan Getting

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