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Re: [j4x-owners-group] Re: Insufficient baffling in fuel tank? And the screen on the pickup tube

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  • Richard Greene
    The vacuum gauge will be a great addition. I ll add one in the spring. Last year after my pickup tube problem I also replaced the stock Racor (R12) with an
    Message 1 of 19 , Dec 14, 2008
      The vacuum gauge will be a great addition. I'll add one in the spring.
      Last year after my pickup tube problem I also replaced the stock Racor (R12) with an R20. Of course it had nothing to do with the problem of the pickup tube being clogged but I'm sure it has at least twice the filter capacity.
      As a futher update, in the fall I pulled the main tank to check for leaks and found it ok. But like others, I found a few odd screws and nuts under the tank that over time could have been a problem. Looking at the tank installation it's apparent that any hardware that is dropped near the tank will roll down to that low point below the tank. I realized this after it happened to a screw I dropped while working on the tank removal.
      Dick Greene
      Maine Sail
       Hull #48

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      Subject: [j4x-owners-group] Re: Insufficient baffling in fuel tank? And the screen on the pickup tube

      (sorry for the null post that went out earlier. Seems to be a glitch
      with the Yahoo HTML editor. This time, I'll use the stock text editor)

      Reed's experiences very closely mirrors mine, described at the start
      of this thread.

      I'm fairly convinced my problems were due to the pickup tube being
      blocked, similar to Dick Greene and Newt Merrill's experiences. (Of
      course, 3 months ago I was equally "convinced" the problem was
      insufficient baffling in the tank. :-))

      The tube has a screen on the bottom, which in my case was resting
      against the bottom of the tank. It's easy to imagine a bit of gunk
      gathering around the inlet and blocking it. So, I replaced the tube
      with a bit of PEX tubing with no screen, sized so the inlet is about
      1/2" above the bottom. We'll see on next year's trip back up the
      Washington coast whether this makes any difference. I also added a
      vacuum gauge (actually a nifty gauge from Racor
      [http://tinyurl. com/5ktoq7] that records max vacuum, so you don't have
      to be there to actually witness the reading).

      Another thing I've learned in talking to other owners and some diesel
      mechanics around here (Portland, Oregon area) is that some fuel can be
      quite dirty in this area. They recommend using a 10 micron primary
      filter, instead of the 2 I had been using. It won't block as quickly
      (leading to fuel starvation), but the 2 micron secondary filter will
      still catch the little stuff.

      Still unexplained is why my engine would cut out on the port tank as
      well, although not nearly as often.

      -Tom Keffer
      --- In j4x-owners-group@ yahoogroups. com, "rersk" <rersk@...> wrote:

      > After I installed a vacuum gauge between the engine fuel pump and
      > Racor fuel filter, I noticed increasing vacuum suction after several
      > hours of motoring. Activating my by-pass Racor filter, I saw no
      > change in vacuum and concluded there was another obstruction in the
      > fuel system between the pick-up and the gauge. I switched the fuel
      > return hose to the pick-up fitting on the tank, and the fuel intake
      > hose to the return fitting on the tank and...problem solved, no
      > excessive vacuum. Later I removed and cleaned the entire pick-up
      > hose and fitting on the tank - no sign of dirt or obstruction.
      > Replaced the hoses on their proper tank fittings and the problem re-
      > occured. Next I'll try removing the screen on the pick-up hose and
      > angling the cut end of the hose where it makes contact with the tank
      > bottom. It is interesting that
      the return hose also has a screen
      > showed no excessive vacuum. I also have a 30 gal. port tank and it
      > has never shown excessive vacuum on the fuel intake line.
      > Reed Erskine s/v Cayenne hull #65

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