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Re: [j4x-owners-group] air conditioning

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  • Anthony M Iacono
    My Cruise Air 1,600 BTU works very well and it provides heat in the cold months. Location: It is installed under the V berth on the Starboard side. A small
    Message 1 of 5 , Nov 17, 2012
      My Cruise Air 1,600 BTU works very well and it provides heat in the cold months.

      Location: It is installed under the V berth on the Starboard side. A small platform using plywood was built to provide a 'floor' for it to sit on. The intake Air is in just above the small center line locker in the V. It is quite unobtrusive. 
      Water Flow : The water intake comes from the same sea cock as the aft head. So no new holes below the water. A "Y" was installed to allow water to flow to both the head and/or the AC unit. (a nice added benefit is that if the AC unit ever needs to be primed just pump the head) The hose travels under the Icebox, then  under the Port settee where the electric pump is located. It then goes to the unit in the V berth and the exhaust water exits through the one hole needed to be drilled just above the waterline on the Port side.  From the inside it is under the forward Head sink.
      Electricity: The electricity comes from the electrical panel, through the starboard cabinets, down inside the forward hanging locker to the AC unit. I put a 'soft start' on it because it can draw a lot of juice when starting or cycling and kept was tripping the Honda portable generator I use when not on a dock.
      Duct work: flows to the Port side under the V berth. One vent is by the port shelf in the V berth and the other is in the Main Salon on the port side shelf between the two cabinets. 
      Generator: I considered but did not put a Gen Set due to the storage issues and weight. While researching so many people touted the virtues of a Honda 2000 gas generator I went with that. It works, thought it is best to have ONLY the AC as a draw or it trips.  

      Hope that helps. 

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      If it is not too much effort I would like to know how you installed it.  I will look online for more information on the Cruise Air option.





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      Hi Conrad,


      I did! May sound crazy to some, but spend a season on a dock in the Carrib and you may think differently, it was the  first thing I did when I returned.


      Mine is a Cruise Air 1,600 BTU.  I understand you can use either a Cruise Air or Marine Air  as they are the smallest. Mine is compact and weights about 25 lbs.


      If you want info on 'how' it is installed, (where water comes from, where it goes, how it gets power) I can provide all that to you.


      Tony Iacono

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      From: Conrad <cdsail123@...>
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      Subject: [j4x-owners-group] air conditioning



      Has anyone installed air on their J42?  If so what system?



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