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RE: [j4x-owners-group] Radar Pole

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  • Richard Greene
    Thanks Bernie, I like Tom s project. I m doing a new Raymarine E120 and radar install myself, so I could include the pole project too. I m checking with Redman
    Message 1 of 6 , Apr 5, 2011
      Thanks Bernie, I like Tom's project. I'm doing a new Raymarine E120 and radar install myself, so I could include the pole project too.
      I'm checking with Redman Marine Fabricators (York ME) for the cost of a pole with a bracket on top. They have 3 1/2" aluminum in stock.
       No sense in getting one shipped from Washington state if I can help it.
      I'll keep you posted when I make any progress.

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      Hi Dick:

      I too am looking at installing a radar pole.  I think Edson may have a kit.  There is also a DIY project performed by Tom Keffer on his J/42 Velocity.  Check out his great documentation and pictures at the link on the J/42 Tips page:

       Amigo VI - J/42 #3

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      Any thoughts on a preferred radar pole for the J42? I'm replacing my backstay mounted radar. I've looked at the Kato website and see theirs is stainless steel. Any other options?
      Dick Greene
      J42 #48

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