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805Re: [j4x-owners-group] Adding Solar Panels & wind generator to J-42

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  • William Stellin
    Apr 3 8:52 AM
      Despite what you see out on the water, I don't think carrying a dinghy on davits is a good idea.
      In a gale and high seas it presents way too much windage.  During passage making, we always deflate ours and carry it on deck lashed in front of the mast. Even if it were a hard bottom, we would stow it deflated and on the fore deck.  The outboard is also stowed below in the starboard aft locker.  No jerry cans are ever on deck either.
      I installed the optional port hard fuel tank and built a floor over it and the jerry cans can sit on top of the floor, down nice and low and very secure.

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      On Apr 3, 2013, at 11:22 AM, "Wayne Cassady" <wcassady@...> wrote:


      Well said. I started removing extra stuff during the delivery of our boat back to the States that the previous owner had installed.

      On 4/3/2013 11:04 AM, Thomas Keffer wrote:

      I would have to agree.

      Joe, think about why you bought a J/42 in the first place. Surely it was for the great sailing performance, especially in light air. All of that it's going to disappear as you laden the boat down, particularly with high windage items like an arch or solar panels

      It's your boat, but for my own, I've made the conscious decision to accept a more Spartan on-board life in exchange for those moments when VELOCITY is hard on the breeze, doing 7+ knots to windward, sailing, when everyone else is motoring.

      The one concession I've made is a larger (160 amp Electromaax) alternator. It's gotten the engine runtime down to about 45 minutes a day.


      Tom Keffer

      On Apr 2, 2013 7:30 PM, "William Stellin" <wstellin@...> wrote:
      No pun or disrespect, but I think your vessel name says it all.

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      On Apr 2, 2013, at 9:09 PM, "Joseph Reed" <joseph.w.reed@...> wrote:

      If I plan on going around the world, I will be adding solar, wind, battery upgrade and monitor SOC at a minimum. This means adding a gantry to the stern to accommodate all this and plus support for a dinghy. I am also considering a wind vane as a back up for the auto pilot.

      If  you have any recommendation please provide your recommendations. I am planning all the upgrades this summer.

      Joe Reed 
      Keep It Simple J-42 hull #12

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