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642RE: [j4x-owners-group] J/42 generator and AC - where to install and issues

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  • Barry Dwyer
    Jul 2, 2012

      Thanks, Dick.


      Where exactly is the life raft locker?




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      On #55 I have a 3KW NextGen genset installed underneath the life raft
      locker on the centerline. The compact unit is fully enclosed in its' own
      soundproof clamshell case. It looks like they had to cut the bottom of the
      life raft locker off, an perhaps shorten the depth of it. although I can
      still get a six pax soft case life raft in there. Access is excellent as
      the floor of that locker has two handles and you can just lift it out. the
      drain hose in the floor requires some attention when doing this but
      generally no big deal. It runs on diesel and has its' own dedicated fuel
      tank switch/manifold so you can run it off one tank or the other
      independent of the main. The mixing pot/muffler is bonded to the hull just
      forward of the rudder post and exits the transom on the starboard side. The
      dedicated start battery is on the aft end of the shelf in the port cockpit

      I also have an a/c unit mounted just aft of the holding tank on the
      centerline in the vee berth. The genset will run the inverter and the a/c
      with no problem. While I've never tripped the main on the generator I
      generally switch off the a/c for a few minutes when using electrical
      appliances such as the microwave or the coffee maker. The a/c cannot cool
      the whole boat, there are only vents in the vee and main salon. I find that
      if you close off the aft cabin and the aft head it is quite comfortable in
      the rest of the boat. Its also runs reverse cycle heat which helps extend
      the New England cruising season a bit. Since there is usually just three of
      us onboard when cruising, this arrangement works fine. There are some
      drawbacks to this installation, the first is that when you are sleeping,
      the a/c unit is just below your head and it cycles on and off all night.
      Once you get used to it, it's tolerable and beats the alternative. Another
      is that the air around the unit is always funky and stale when you fire up
      the unit, based on its' proximity to the holding tank. I have an air
      freshener strategically positioned in front of the return vent to overcome
      this and it works, also I'm very attentive to holding tank care and

      I've rationalized that the weight of the genset in the transom offsets the
      200' of all chain rode and the a/c up forward, also, it all came with the

      Hope this helps,

      Dick Sanford
      truant #55

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