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501RE: [j4x-owners-group] bunks and storage and water under stove and nav table

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  • Barry Dwyer
    Dec 5, 2011
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      Can’t help with the water but on the Hinckley 42 I race offshore on the owner had a bunk-shaped frame made up from SS tubing inside which is strung a sunbrella “mattress”.  The frame connects outboard to the cabinetry above the settee with two quick release hinges and inboard to two eyebolts in the headliner.  There is a single control like with a simple purchase system that allows you to angle the bunk depending on the tack so you are mostly level.  There are no lee cloths.  Makes the bunk underneath into a bit of a cocoon on stbd tack but the bunk is very desired by the crew.


      Takes about 5 minutes to rig and is easily stored in the garage when not racing.


      In colder weather the bunk can be cold as there is no insulation below but in warm weather south of the gulf steam it very nice.



      Hopeful future J/42 owner


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      I'm looking to add some storage and gain an additional bunk for offshore passages.

      THe idea i'm executing for storage is to add a 4 to 6" extension to the port shelf in the V Berth and attaching zippered enclosures, Also I plan to add add some enclosures on the Starboard side shelf without the extension. Curious if anyone has done something different to add storage.

      It seems I'm one bunk short offshore. Has anyone added a bunk either to the main salon or in the aft cabin? If so do you have pictures or tips?

      Lastly sailing up wind in a moderate to heavy sea i get sea water under the cabin sole. When healing it goes under the Nav Table drawers or under the oven. Someties it even ocmes above the floor in the Nav station. Anyone have a good idea of where this water is coming from or how to stop it? I've closed the sink sea cocks. Maybe there are some leaks along the rail, but the volume seems too great for that.

      Tony Iacono Affinity #26

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