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400Re: [j4x-owners-group] head plug

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  • Con & Deb Deeter
    Jun 13, 2011
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      thanks again... i have a slightly different connection to the thru hull... the bottom of the tee is connected to the thru hull and the glue that was used to hold the plastic connections between the tee and the hose is not going to give up.  this is going to be an either/or plan.  Cut the hose above the tee and hope to clean out there or take the boat out of the water and correct the problem.   Neither are fun especially this time of year.    you may be right on the "hold it" option going forward... what are heads for?

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      It can be done in the water with no trouble. Close the sea cock and cut the tee not the hose. The plastic or nylon that the tee is made of seem to attract calcium which has probably shut down it's diameter to about 1/4 inch. It will be very hard to replace the heavy black hose in such a tight space. Better to not disturb it. The hose ends are already formed to the tee. It is a bear to force new hose on. Plus there is less chance of messing up the sea cock if you leave the hose on it. Your pee mixed with salt water forms a rock like stone which is the problem. Always pump at least twenty times with each flush or do as I do and pee in the sink (yuk) and rinse with fresh water. After you are finished with this job you may even prefer to just hold it. 

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      On Jun 13, 2011, at 2:15 PM, Con & Deb Deeter <cdsail@...> wrote:


      Sounds complete but a little dangerous in the water.  When you say "rock" are you referring to barnacles or calcium deposit or just head deposits.  Since it is really hard to get any leverage in that space I am planning to cut the hose just above the top side of the tee and then work the remaining hose off the tee.  Once off, clean the inside of the tee and then replace the hose (approx. 6'). 
      However, your thought is that the inside diameter of the tee has been closed over time and is now plugged and needs replacing.  that is a, i think, out of the water job especially so close to the thru hull...
      Thanks again for the advice and insight...

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      If you can, remove the Tee and clean or replace. The hose can be cleared but not the Tee
      If you can't get the hoses off, cut the Tee in half or thirds without cutting the hose. All the buildup of rock is probably in the plastic tee. You can pry it loose from the hose only after cutting the tee into pieces. Don't try acid as it is way too dangerous. Just replace the tee and any elbows that are below the water line. The seacock should be fine and easy to clean once you remove the hose. Squeezing and flexing the hose will dislodge the calcium but the hose must have an open or free end so the stuff can fall out. It will never go throuh tees or elbows even if they are clean. 
      Bill Stellin.  Jaywalker

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      On Jun 13, 2011, at 12:33 PM, Robert Thuss <Robert.Thuss@...> wrote:


      That is absolutely the worst fix-it job on the boat. Drain-o won’t help and if you can’t dig out the clogged paper from underneath, then you will have to disconnect or cut the hose pipe. Beware that it may be under pressure from the head. Safety glasses, a paint suit, rubber gloves and lots of paper towels will be necessary! Robert (Jade USA 50777)



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      the aft head is seemingly plugged at the tee. I have worked from all sides but it looks like it is at the tee that goes either to the holding tank or to the thru hull when pumbing overboard. I have tried to push a snake from the vented loop through the tee but it just will not turn the corner.

      I hate to cut the hose above the tee but it looks like the only choice. Has anyone used drain-no and got results or some other option?

      Headed toward destruction soon...

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