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40Re: [j4x-owners-group] Rudder Bearing J42

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  • William Connor
    Jul 21, 2008
      I just went through Rudder bearing replacement on #78 in May. It
      wasn't bad enough for the packing to leak, but I could feel a slight
      catch sometimes. When it came out, it looked a lot worse than it felt.
      My upper bearing was toast as well (both Harken). The sleeve was too
      corroded to reuse, so it was two new bearings and a new sleeve. I'll
      give you the details here in case it might be of interest. My bearing
      install was factory. I have heard of second replacements that were a
      bear because the lower bearings was epoxied into the housing, or some

      The bolts in both the steering and auto quadrants were firmly corroded
      into the quadrants. We were able to drop the shaft through the
      quadrants and deal with the bolts at the machine shop. It took quite
      some convincing to pop the lower bearing out of its housing, but once
      done, the entire assembly slid out. Both the bearing and sleeve had to
      be removed destructively.

      I used Jeffa for both the top and lower bearing. The self-aligning top
      bearing made refitting the bottom end much easier. The top bearing was
      easy: bolt in. The bottom bearing was placed loosely on the rudder
      shaft followed by the new sleeve, which sits on top of the inner race.
      Once everything was lined up (using the set screws and wedges to set
      the alignment) and looking good, we dammed up the sleeve and inner
      race with putty and poured epoxy into the sleeve and let the whole
      thing set up. After the epoxy had set, we checked the movement to make
      sure there was no binding and then reassembled the stuffing box and
      quadrants. The bearing was a snug fit in its housing and we were
      careful not to epoxy the bearing into the housing. The outer sleeve of
      the bearing does extend maybe 1/8-1/4" below the aft edge of the
      housing. Ended up $1700 + bearings + sleeve.

      On Mon, Jul 21, 2008 at 1:38 PM, dc1reg <dc1reg@...> wrote:
      > I'm about to have "Maine Sail" (hull #48) hauled with lower rudder
      > bearing problems. I've read the detailed discription of the bearing
      > replacement on "Jaywalker" and the J40 posts on this site.
      > I believe my boat was built with the Jefa bearing but Edson may have a
      > replacement as well. Anyone else had replacement experience that might
      > be helpful please let me know.
      > Diok Greene

      Bill Connor, Principal
      Blue Hole Software
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